Yabo – The largest online integrated entertainment platform in the Chinese market

Yabo - The largest online integrated entertainment platform in the Chinese market

Recently, as the major football tournament European Cup is approaching, the world is eagerly awaiting this tournament. After investigation, it was found that Chinese corporate sponsors yabo sponsored 30% of similar sponsors from Chinese corporates in this event. What does a Chinese corporate need to gain a foothold in the world?

“To enhance the image of Chinese and promote the development of sports.”

In this investigation, a total of 18 Chinese companies of the same kind were consulted. As one of the Chinese companies, the company accepted the interview. Joe, the vice president of Yabo, who was invited to interview, said, “Our company has been operating in the past few years, Yabo has gained a good reputation in the Chinese circle, and has established a good commercial sponsorship system. So many football matches we will Represent the Chinese to participate behind the scenes and sponsorship, enhance the image of our Chinese, and promote the development of sports.”

“To be good at heart, and the road will be wide.”

In the business world where profit is king, do entrepreneurs need feelings? This simple question has been discussed by many people. Joe’s answer is “Yes. Entrepreneurs must also do something for the society and don’t forget to help others.”

“Joe is an excellent representative of overseas Chinese companies, and Yabo is indeed a good company for the sake of Chinese people. Serious and persistent craftsmanship; pioneering spirit of hardworking and daring to win; a sense of social responsibility that everyone is responsible for; humble and sincere cooperation Spirit. These are worthy of everyone’s reference and learning.” said the former consular attaché of the Chinese Embassy in the US It is understood that Yabo sports not only provides services in the sponsorship of sports events, but Yabo Chinese official website also provides services that are more convenient for the Chinese to use. In the web version of the official website of Yabo launched in 2017 to provide services to Chinese users in mainland China, Hong Kong and North America, Yabo launched the “Yabo App” to serve mobile users in 2018. In the continuous development, a standardized, professional, scientific, and technical service process has been established, and it is committed to building a better, more convenient and excellent integrated service platform for the Chinese.

The largest online integrated entertainment platform in the Chinese market

Yabo’s official website has become the largest online integrated entertainment platform in the Chinese market, not only providing sports, e-sports, Olympic games, financial parameters, TV talent program quiz, and other services. According to this survey of journalists, Yabo has more than 80% of the same industries in its service scope, and is the only overseas integrated service platform with a domestic Ali-based capital background. Yabo has become the largest online service platform in the Chinese market, which is indeed worth learning from its corporate experience. Joe also said, “In the next three years, we will not only do the Chinese market, but also integrate with the international community. We are now embarking on this work to promote the company to the world and let the world know our brand.” Joe accepted After the interview, he rushed to the United States to attend the meeting without stopping.

According to the data, Yabo sports official website has become the largest service provider of its kind in the Chinese market. Their brand is the No. 1 Chinese brand, with a secure technical network and high-quality services. Owning 70% of the Chinese market, it has reached partnerships with a number of events in different categories and countries, and is becoming an international company. It can be seen that the future is just around the corner.

We also learned that the full range of yabo official website has been extended to e-sports events, multi-national super leagues, sports games, e-sports events, live action, tabletop events, video games, Olympic events, media drafts, election predictions and other quiz services. Whether it is the European Cup, America’s Cup, NBA, CBA and other events, you can find what you need in the yabo series of products. Jade wrote the interview summary on May 6, 2021.

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