XQ Innovation Partners With Jen Fisher To Release New Health And Nutrition Assessments For Employee Optimization

One of the most overlooked aspects of human performance is our health and wellness. New studies have shown how much our diet impacts our behavior, health, and brain performance. Now, XQ Innovation is broadening its XQ program to include health and nutrition.

Executives can now include health and nutrition as part of their XQ Coaching Model. Through a partnership with Jen Fisher — a nutritional therapy practitioner and fitness coach — the XQ Model is offering nutrition-focused workplace coaching. Cyrus Kennedy, XQ partner and Chief People Officer (CHRO), was amazed at the results so far. Mr. Kennedy stated, “Having seen the transformation a healthy diet and knowledge of nutrition can have, we are now making this available to all our clients and the general public.”

We’re happy to see XQ’s positive sphere of influence spreading so quickly! These new coaching programs are offered as individualized or corporate health and wellness programs for departments or the entire workforce. Meaning, these XQ Model options can be used for executives only or include their employees and families.

An organization’s health and wellness are vital when approaching phases of success and innovative leaps. These new XQ Model options include detailed dietary information, nutritional knowledge, and how the foods we eat impact our daily lives. It’ll also incorporate fitness tips and routines to maximize your overall feeling of energy and health. Additionally, XQ can certify companies that are providing an environment of health and wellness for employees.

Regardless of industry or size, organizations are increasingly being held back by people-based challenges. The XQ Coaching Model — built on employee optimization science — has brought such powerful changes to businesses, its effects are naturally broadening in scope. And not by accident! XQ Innovation has played major roles in introducing employee optimization science to workplace dynamics. Before companies needed optimized workplace settings, XQ Innovation was tinkering away with proven scientific methods to help.

There’s no stopping XQ Innovation! Their proficiency in building thriving workplaces continues to achieve milestones in wellness coaching. Most notably, the XQ Coaching Model has advanced meaningful change through reidentifying organizations as storehouses of human treasure. From every stage of assessment to coaching, determinants such as emotional intelligence, behavioral motivators, and business acumen are discovered and improved.

The XQ Model is bringing harmony to businesses with a transformative focus on health and personal wellness. Enhancing performance in and out of the workplace, the XQ team is leading the charge. As XQ Innovation steers meaningful awareness towards employee optimization, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

About XQ Innovation:

A unique management and behavioral consulting firm that takes great care in creating custom-tailored employee optimization programs for businesses and clients. From assessment to training to coaching, no two XQ programs are alike. At XQ Innovation, they find the science behind your organization.

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