WYRR Me, the app based on blockchain technology is here to change the money transferring game

Wyrr Me is the newly launched mobile application based on the stellar lumens, the blockchain and latest technology in the crypto world which may revolutionize the way people transfer money around the world. It is a fun and interactive money transfer, text and video broadcasting application that is now available for download at Google Play store. Being based on the latest technology, the app offers a more secure and cheaper alternative to other money transfer platforms available in the market.

Wyrr Me is created to connect the third world countries with the developing countries using the blockchain and stellar lumens network to allow people to transfer money from anywhere in the world easily without paying huge commissions. It comes with all the features of a stellar wallet and the user can take their cash out from the wallet through a bank account, debit card, and cash pick. The company is also working on integrations with other popular cryptocurrencies and features like augmented reality for the video platform.

The app enables the user to chat with their friends from anywhere in the world, send video and picture files using the inbuilt messenger. They can transfer money in the currency of their choice in a fast, easy and secure manner without having to remember complicated wallet addresses. Based in Las Vegas Nevada, the USA with offices in Singapore, Wyrr is a groundbreaking project that is aimed to simplify the process of money transfer and payments around the world.

Wyrr Me app also allows the users to watch live videos from their favorite content providers from around the world. They can also create their own live video, set an entrance fee and receive funds and tips from viewers within seconds. At present, the company has invested more than $40,000 USD in the app and business development. They have created this application in collaboration with some of the best developers and blockchain experts for a robust app platform.

What makes Wyrr different from other money transferring platforms is that it features a simple interface and makes it easier for the user to transfer money to anyone. Considering that most of the other platforms are targeting the immigrants in developing countries and charge them huge commissions for transferring their money to their friends/family members in the third world countries, Wyrr decided to build a platform that would fill this gap and allow easier and cheaper money transfers.

The app is available for free download at Google Play store and the iOS version will be available in the next few weeks on iTunes.

More information about the app can be found at wyrr.me

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