Writeapp launches application for writers to eliminate distraction and improve productivity

App comes packed with powerful tools that help writers get the best out of their writing

One of the biggest challenges for writers is the inability to get rid of distractions. Write!, announces their super resourceful application for writers. Write! is regarded as the best and only text editor for distraction-free writing. It is packed with very useful features like sync and publish, session and notes, style and focus mode, markup and formatting, aids and tools and much more. The app offers various solutions like note taking, content writing, book writing, and word processors for writers. Write! maximizes productivity, organize and navigate, share and collaborate, get rid of distractions and minimalize interface.

Download the app today by visiting the website at https://writeapp.co

“Writing can be a very lonely business. We created Write! to help writers turn their distractions around and deliver more work. The app comes complete with amazing features created based on our research of what writers need to succeed. These features are not found anywhere else because we created them especially for you. We encourage you to try it out and see for yourself,” said Write! representative.

What makes Write! unique is the amazing features and tools built designed specifically to help writers deliver more pages per time. It comes with tools like intelligent spell checker, unlimited ctrl+z and productivity counter that increases productivity and help the smooth flow of work. No more losing important document in the middle of writing, as every word, as soon as they are typed, is backed up to secure cloud. It also comes with some handy organization and navigation tools that help writers manage their writing projects in tabs, sessions, and folders. Writers can communicate with their team faster using the share and collaborate features via unique URL and links that can be sent over email and social media. It offers simple and borderless User Interface that encourages distraction—free writing, and writers can set word targets for daily or hourly.

“I fell in love with the app immediately after watching the explainer video. It has everything is says it has an even more. The User Interface is excellent, and I like the option to pick either bright or dark screen. This is the best writing app I have set my eyes on, so far,” said Ben T, a customer.

About Write!

Write! is a writing application designed to help writers avoid distractions and deliver more writing. It comes loaded with powerful tools and features created specifically to solve writer problems and assist them in improving productivity.

For more information, please contact +44 20 3287 3675, contact@wri.tt, or visit https://writeapp.co

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