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The role of motivation in human behavior has been a subject of study since time immemorial among intellectuals, philosophers, religious leaders, psychologists, sociologists, neurological researchers, and medical doctors. Some of the basic tenets of motivation are easier to grasp and understand, such as physiological ones. Hunger is a good motivation for predators to hunt. Pain is also a strong motivator eliciting an aversion response.

Moving up from physiological motivators are emotional and sociological ones. A sense of belonging, affection, and approval might be less compelling than hunger or thirst, but they are still effectively strong motivators. The proliferation and popularity of social media are examples attesting to that.

But as you move up the hierarchy of human needs, motivations get more cerebral. They become more anchored in the rational rather than the base feelings. Not that they lose their emotional underpinnings. For example, finally getting around to fixing that leaky kitchen faucet gave you a sense of accomplishment, not to mention approval from your partner who’s been asking you to do it for months. The sense of accomplishment and approval give warm and fuzzy feelings. The nature of the motivation, the factors involved that draw it, and the behavior it elicits are far more complex.

Now consider a higher-level accomplishment, aspired by many and requiring more than just basic plumbing skills. We’re talking about success, whether it’s in a career, family life, or socio-economic status—or the combination of all. Achieving this kind of success is hard because, in great part, staying motivated for this endeavor is hard. Even under the best circumstances, sustaining the motivation needed for a successful life is extremely challenging.

The thought of a successful life is in itself a poor motivator. But everybody wants to be successful, so how could that be? The fact that everybody wants to be successful but only a few do become successful is proof that the idea alone isn’t a sufficient motivator. This is because of two things: the effect of motivation varies among people and so does the effect of demotivation. In most cases, the idea of a successful life is not strong enough on its own to motivate an individual to overcome the demotivators that come aplenty when trying to achieve a lofty goal. More often than not, demotivators outweigh motivators.

What are typical demotivators that work against achieving success? They are as many as the possible motivators and they differ from person to person. Some people are demotivated by stress and fatigue because success entails a lot of hard work. Some are demotivated by failure. Some lack confidence. Others just don’t know what they want and only have a vague idea of the kind of success they want in their life.

The big question is: how do you stay motivated to be successful in life? It’s no surprise that there is no one answer. It’s different with person to person. The key here involves self-realization; it’s knowing the root cause of your struggle and finding a solution that will best work for you. On this note, one online self-development service provider has helped many individuals on this path of knowing and improving themselves. And that’s offers online courses that teach individuals how to tackle the many things that prevent them from being the best they can be and achieving success in life. offers courses on creative visualization and success mentality, which many of the most successful industry leaders exhibit. offers courses on optimism and positive thinking, practices often underestimated. It even offers a course on dealing with work anxiety – and probably’s most popular course because many individuals who seriously work for a successful career often find themselves burned out from the pressures of work.

All of’s courses are grounded on expert studies and designed for applicability and practicality. It means that the courses address real problems in real-world scenarios using completely doable actions, with only some regard to the individuals’ skill level or background. aims to remove life’s obstacles and help individuals in their pursuit of success in life.

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