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The road to success is paved with failures. It is difficult, to say the least, and some would even advise that it’s not for everyone.

Let’s take the story of Mike, who made a profitable business out of something that made up a good part of his happy childhood memories, the challenges he faced while making his dreams come true, and the unusual lessons he had to learn to make it all happen.

As a child, Mike always loved town fairs, carnivals, and the circus. The breakneck rides, the exciting shows, the games that won you stuffed toys if your aim was impossibly good – all of these got him very excited and happy as a child. Interestingly enough, his most favorite thing about the festivities was perhaps the most mundane and commonplace of carnival food: cotton candy.

Yes, cotton candy, that sugary cottony snack that’s a staple at events where lots of kids were around. As a child, Mike loved everything about it. He was always in awe of the cotton-candy machine, a giant open and spinning pedal-powered metal drum.

Mike found the whole ritual of making cotton candy mesmerizing. Colored granulated sugar was poured into the center of the machine. The drum would spin and heat up, and then wisps of melted sugar would magically spin out like rainbow cobwebs. When there were enough spun sugar “webs,” the vendor would collect them with a paper cone, forming that familiar sweet cloud that kids enjoyed.

Mike wanted to perpetuate this joy for other kids by going into the business of cotton-candy making. He thought that, as long as there were kids, there would always be a market for cotton candy. So when he saved enough, he bought his machine, the ingredients, and the materials he needed; he even had a nice uniform to go with everything.

Selling carnival food was ok, and the profit margin was good but as Mike found out, it was a business that followed the seasons too closely. Even when the demand was highest during peak season, it wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of sales in the long off-season. Mike never made a return on his investment and it was a big reality check for him. Making the carnival food business one’s bread-and-butter proved to be very difficult and impractical.

He got frustrated and discouraged by his initial foray into business so much that he seriously considered permanently quitting his dreams and just sticking to his boring but financially reliable office job, much like everybody else. A desk job was dreary for Mike but it did help pay the bills and, in particular, make up for the losses he incurred from his cotton-candy business.

As Mike struggled with the 9-to-5 grind, colleagues recommended that he take professional development and self-care courses from WorldSuccessPartner to make him better adjusted to an office career. What’s ironic was that the courses encouraged Mike to reconsider his true passion once more.

With just a few courses from WorldSuccessPartner, like those about having a mindset for success and how creative visualization helps in solving tough business problems, Mike found new inspiration. It was like having a fresh pair of eyes to re-examine his cotton-candy business, see where he could fix it, or maybe change it altogether. WorldSuccessPartner’s courses expanded his vision of what his dreams could be.

Mike changed his business model. From being a one-man operation, he ventured into equipment rental, store concessions, and becoming an ingredient producer and supplier. Instead of waiting for the holiday seasons to come around, Mike provided cotton-candy services for special events like children’s parties and school fairs. He also started manufacturing and distributing the ingredients needed for carnival food – not just for cotton candy, but also for snow cones, popsicles, corndogs and funnel cakes.

It wasn’t an overnight change. It took time but Mike never lost sight of his goals. Mike became so busy that he had to quit his day job to concentrate on his cotton-candy business full time, and he owed it all to the secrets he learned from WorldSuccessPartner.

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