‘World’s first’ sneakerhead coloring book is now available at Amazon for purchase

After the huge response received by the Air Jordan Coloring Book, author Troy Davinci has announced the launch of the ‘Sneakerhead Coloring Book’, which is said to be first of its kind. The book, specially designed for adults is now available on Amazon for purchase.

Considering the fact that coloring helps relax the mind and improve focus, the book Sneakerhead is designed. Now that a number of studies have also proved that coloring helps in reducing stress, a number of people are looking for interesting coloring books. The book by Davinci features 100+ designs of sneakers which in different patterns and designs that would help the adults in relaxing their mind and calm themselves down in tensed situations.

The designs include the modern shoe styles along with the retro styles such as Nike’s Air Max, dunks, Air Force 1 and many others. The vast number of designs will keep the user engage for longer while expressing their creativity and having fun. All the designs are originals by Troy DaVinci featuring the popular shoe designs from past two decades.

Sneakerhead Coloring Book is made to be every sneaker lover’s dream and suitable to be used by both adults and children for decreasing stress and boosting focus plus artistic expression. The user can also use the pages of the coloring book to custom design their next pair of sneakers or simply divert their mind after a long stressful day of work. The book, made in USA consists of two pages of each show so that the user can color the same sneaker in different ways twice. The high-quality white art paper can be colored with all types of colors such as pencil colors, marker, crayons and others.

More information about the book can be seen on Amazon.com


Troy DaVinci is a serial entrepreneur and founder of NarleyappsInc, a popular mobile game company for games and sneaker apps. He’ll be soon launching the ‘king James coloring book’ after the Sneakerhead coloring book.

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