World’s First Non-Slip Rubber Feet Multipurpose Boot Tray Launched On Amazon

Consumer Powered Home Goods has come up with multipurpose boot tray with a revolutionary rubber feet grip with non-slip design launched at Amazon. The tray is made from 100 percent recycled products.

Arvada, CO – March 15, 2016 – Boot trays are often blamed for being slippery that makes it hard to trust them with contents- but not anymore. Consumer Powered Home Goods has recently come up with world’s first non-slip rubber feet multipurpose boot tray in Amazon.

“Boot trays are regular household products but the users often complain about the trays sliding around tile or hardwood floors while used with the pet bowls. We have heard you and our refined multipurpose tray is equipped to solve this issue, courtesy its high grip rubber feet,” stated the chief spokesperson from Consumer Powered Home Goods.

Based in Arvada, CO, Consumer Powered Home Goods is a rising start-up launched this year by Josh Skinner. The company is committed to help the end users with unique & customized style goodies.

The new multipurpose tray is designed to cater to a number of functions. It can serve to hold pet products like food bowls, litter box, to act as pet pee training platform and can be used as a shoe mat at entryway.

“You can easily slip it into your kennel, bird or rabbit cage. If you have a green thumb, our new cutting edge tray would be your loyal bearer for plant pots and gardening tools. You can also use it as drip tray or for holding your art supplies, any form of cleaners & your chemical storage at garage, the possibilities are actually endless.”

Skinner’s manager stressed on the 1.2 inches raised tray edge that helps the holder to keep all the unwanted stuff to it, preventing chances of spilling. The textured inside bottom is designed to keep mud & dirt on the tray low.

“You are getting a complete eco-friendly design here and our tray has been crafted from 100 percent recycled products. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us and we are committed to a stringent quality control. In case, you are unhappy with our product, we would be by your side to make it right for you,” the manager explained.

About Consumer Powered Home Goods:

Consumer Powered Home Goods is a rising startup based in Arvada which has come up with a rubber-feet no-slip multipurpose boot tray.

For more info and buy the Boot Tray, visit the product page at Amazon at and the official website at

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