World\’s First 8K TV The Biggest Contribution Of Sharp To Electronic Consumer

The development of television technology has been tremendous in the last few years, from the large bulky televisions to the latest commercially available 8k TV. Recently, giant consumer electronics company, Sharp announced its plans to release the world’s first commercially available 8K television which has set the world of technology abuzz with excitement. Jonathan A. Bennett from recently shared his views on the latest progress.

Priced at a whopping 16 million yen ($133,000), the main target market for the 85 inches 8K TV will be businesses. Speaking about the new Sharp 8k, Jonathan said: “Sharp unveiled the world’s first 8K TV, an 85-inch set to be sold at a whooping $133,000 towards the end of October. Sharp showed off this 8K model at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The whole world, including myself, was mesmerized by this new TV technology development.”

According to the details that have emerged this TV will be known as Super Hi-Vision, its 85 inch screen will pack a resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels; which will 16 times more than high-definition TVs. Jonathan revealed in his article that the resolution will also 4 times higher than that of the 4k television, which will be unbeatable in terms of picture clarity and quality.

According to Sharp, the 8K LCD complies with the standards for High Dynamic Range and will employ the same IGZO panel as those of their expensive computer monitors.

The entire team is excited about the new launch and are amazed at the pace television technology has progressed, “There was a time when people used to believe that the days of television are numbered. However, right now this is changing, and therefore you will see that there is an increasing number of people who are looking forward to buy the best TV from the market.” The website spokesperson said. was developed for the special purpose of educating the buyers of today about the Smart TV LED technology and they can spot the best value among the wide variety of TVs available with constantly evolving technology. Although the 8k televisions are not expected to reach consumers anytime in the near future, it is interesting to see the cutting edge technology making its way into the future.

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