World Group Awaiting HELO LX: A Medical Marvel

A Great Device to Keep Track of the Vital Signs of Life Comes with a ‘Panic Button’ & GPS Tracking

February 10, 2017 – TOO much emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of technology to mankind. With so many things to do in 24 hours, one needs to keep track of so many things including one’s health. World Group, an innovative tech organization has announced that its enhanced model, HELO LX will be released to the public in March 2017.

HELO LX is a promising device that will be used in keeping track of vitals of the human body. With the latest HELO LX device, users will be able to monitor the health condition of their bodies as well as those of their loved ones from wherever they are. It is a standard HELO technology and therefore is wearable and mobile just like all the other HELO products.

World Group has won several international awards for introducing amazing innovations in the tech industry. The HELO LX is one of such innovations and will help relieve stress for its users while keeping check on the health of loved ones as easy as  1-2-3. The device can be worn like a wrist band as well and is simple, easy and effective for mobile use and is waterproof.

In addition, the HELO LX device has several great features some of which are the all new ‘Panic Button’ and GPS tracker which can be very helpful in case of medical emergencies and eases the tension that comes with worrying if the paramedics will make it in time.  Or if you find yourself in any kind of strange or scary situation your loved ones will know exactly where you are once you press the button.  Peace of mind knowing help is directly on the way.

“HELO™ is not just a smart band but a personal device that monitors the vital signs thanks to latest generation sensors, completely different from those installed on generally available trackers or smart bands,” said a representative from HELO while talking about the new HELO LX. “Thanks to our dedicated mobile devices, HELO™ is not only able to monitor important parameters but is also able to provide hints and analysis in order to help you improve your health,” he added while talking about the features of HELO.

World Group has also announced that people can also build a business from home with this product.

For orders, inquiries and more information, about the HELOLX its other devices, visit the organization’s website at

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