Work During The Coronavirus: 57 Experts Share Tips on How to Effectively Work from Home

Work During The Coronavirus: 57 Experts Share Tips on How to Effectively Work from Home

March 27, 2020 – As the world struggles to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, another great struggle goes on behind closed doors at home – doing all the office work, including calls, reviews, briefings and other meetings online and over the phone, all from home.

eFor-Real, to help overcome these challenges, shared an exclusive selection of tips and tricks for work from home.

While a good majority of workers have experienced what it feels like working from home, not many are used to making their homes an office for weeks or months. eFor-Real has, therefore, put together valuable advice from 57 experts on how to make work from home a grand success that it should be.

Among the most valuable pieces of advice is how to manage the use of social media. The rules of office aren’t enabled at home, so one needs new sets of tools or technology to put the limits on social media use. Some apps allow restricting the time spent, and even browsers have extensions to enforce time restrictions on social media usage.

Another good strategy to keep distractions away, according to one contributor, is to turn mobile notifications off. The wi-fi connection, too, can be turned off when the internet is not needed. This can save valuable minutes. And, by the way, those that need efficient Wi-Fi for zero-interruption connectivity can read great tips on how to boost Wi-Fi signal.

Keeping a work calendar, in the working area, is another excellent practice to keep everything in focus, including personal agendas.

One of the big challenges to working from home is to maintain a regular, fixed schedule of work. A good strategy is to simply follow the office timings and routine, as one contributor recommends. This means taking the same routine shower and reporting to your workstation at the same time. Though work from home means flexibility, a fixed routine means all tasks and assignments are done on time and with good focus.

We have put together some great advice from 57 professionals on the best ways to work from home. This is just one of the ways that eFor-Real will continue to strive to positively impact society, especially in this very trying period due to the Coronavirus pandemic,” says Cindy Alvarez of eFor-Real.

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