Woomera Group: Pioneering Social Inclusion and Technical Excellence in the Heart of Australia

Woomera Group: Pioneering Social Inclusion and Technical Excellence in the Heart of Australia
Woomera Group, a proudly Aboriginal-owned business based in Australia, has made history by spearheading the technical support strategy for a colossal rolling stock project in collaboration with Alstom, a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility solutions. This monumental achievement represents a significant milestone, not only for Woomera Group but for Alstom and the realm of social inclusion in the business world.

Alstom’s strategic partnership with the Department of Transport Victoria, Australia, has birthed an ambitious project—the provision of 100 Flexity low-floor Next Generation Trams (NGTs) for the world’s largest urban tram network. With an estimated value of approximately €700 million, this monumental framework contract encompasses the supply of rolling stock and a 15-year maintenance commitment, marking it as the largest tram contract in Australia and across the Southern Hemisphere.

What distinguishes this initiative is not just the groundbreaking magnitude of the project, but the heartwarming and trailblazing story behind its inception. Woomera Group, a small and passionate Aboriginal Business, is at the forefront of this historic endeavour. Their formidable role as the technical support strategy leader for Alstom showcases the remarkable prowess that can emerge from First Nations people, skilled engineers, astute analysts, indomitable champions, and insightful strategists.

“We are a dedicated collective of First Nations people, driven engineers, analysts, champions, and strategists. Our passion lies in imparting our expertise and insights to empower clients to not only meet but surpass their objectives. Our proven history is founded on transparent communication and unwavering teamwork,” said a representative from Woomera Group.

Alstom’s commitment to social inclusion and fostering diversity is evident in their choice to entrust Woomera Group with such a critical role. They recognize Woomera Group’s unique position as the first Aboriginal Business to lead and secure a major rolling stock project. Alstom’s resounding support for this partnership reflects their commitment to nurturing small and medium enterprises and promoting their growth by building capability and capacity.

In addition to their pivotal role in the monumental tram project, Woomera Group has also achieved another remarkable milestone. They have successfully won the Victorian Regional Rolling Stock Maintenance Contract (RRSMC), in partnership with the Victorian Department of Transport (DoT) and V/Line. This achievement, coupled with their role in the tram project, underscores Woomera Group’s exceptional capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence.

This collaborative endeavor marks a significant step forward in promoting social inclusion and supporting Aboriginal businesses in Australia. It is also a testament to the power of partnership and the extraordinary achievements that can arise when diverse talents and perspectives come together.

Alstom and Woomera Group’s success story showcases the exceptional value of collaboration, innovation, and the tireless pursuit of excellence. As Woomera Group continues to carve a path of progress and social inclusion, we look forward to witnessing the transformation they bring to the world of smart and sustainable mobility.

About Woomera Group:

Woomera Group is an innovative Aboriginal Business located in Australia. They have played a leading role as a technical support strategy provider for the largest rolling stock project in collaboration with Alstom. Their services include business case and tender assistance, strategic counsel, systems engineering, asset management, organizational revitalization, streamlined maintenance strategies, and proficient project management. Woomera Group is dedicated to promoting social inclusion and fostering excellence in the business world.

About Alstom:

Alstom is a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility solutions. They design, manufacture, build, maintain, and operate trams, trains, light rail, and other rolling stock. Their commitment to social inclusion and diversity has driven their partnership with Woomera Group, the first Aboriginal Business to lead a major rolling stock project, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards a more inclusive future.

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