Wonderforrest: New Market Edge On The Global Health Storm

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, countries around the world have paid unprecedented attention to the health of their citizens.

Lactic acid bacteria, as the core material of fermented milk, probiotic drinks and other products, is widely used in the global food industry.

Recently, Wonderforrest, a R&D company of lactic acid bacteria from Asia, has attracted the attention of academia and industry. Over the past ten years, Wonderforrest has successfully broken through a bunch of core technologies that restricted the development of the bacteria-producing industry for many years.

In selecting process, they innovatively used gene sequencing to shorten the process from two months to about five days. They also achieved the functional detection of a large number of unknown bacteria in a short time, which greatly improved the efficiency of selecting process. In terms of the production process, they have raised the number of viable cells to the level of trillions, and gained a large number of well-known partners in the Oriental market.

Their products also used their world-first natural folic acid protection technology. They are the first and only company that be able to preserve natural folic acid in fermented dairy products. Many of their products are selling very well in the Far East. It has also been recognized by academic circles and industry in The United States, Germany, Ireland and other European and American countries.

Waiting for your birth, escorting your growth,delaying your deathis the core value of plenty of food industry enterprises around the world. Young entrepreneurs have a firm belief that “World in gut, soul and heart”.


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