Women Make the Money They Deserve With Myra Kotze’s New Quick Cash VIP Intensive Program

Women Make the Money They Deserve With Myra Kotze’s New Quick Cash VIP Intensive Program

Myra Kotze, Founder of Soulful Lucrative Coaching, Inc.
How to Make a Month’s Income in One Day Running VIP Intensives

MIDDLETOWN, DE – Being an entrepreneur is hard, and for women in the field, it’s often harder. Numerous societal restraints and harmful notions held by others often hold them back, preventing them from finding the success that they truly deserve. Thankfully, there’s a solution: The Quick Cash VIP Intensive Program, hosted by Money Master Coach and founder of Soulful Lucrative Coaching, Inc., Myra Kotze.

Myra Kotze is a money breakthrough business coach, NLP coach, and timeline therapy master coach. Brainz Magazine awarded her as one of a total of 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Business Owners recognized for their entrepreneurial success, achievements or dedication to help others in 2020. She is an 8-figure business builder both offline and online and has 20+ years of hands-on experience in building successful businesses. After suffering major burnout as a result of working eighteen-hour days, she began working on her highly successful coaching business, where she specializes in helping women entrepreneurs scale their businesses to six or even seven figures.

Myra’s new Quick Cash VIP Intensive Program, “How to Make a Month’s Income in One Day,” is a live group coaching program that helps women entrepreneurs find their intrinsic value while simultaneously launching their businesses to new heights. Beginning on January 13th, she is launching this program to go deep into designing, marketing, and pricing VIP Intensives.

This program will include a myriad of benefits, including learning a proven system for running VIP Intensives that doesn’t overwhelm clients, how to host a VIP Intensive that satisfies clients (and gets them raving to others about it), and how to attract the right types of clients while actively discouraging those that may not be a good fit. Within five days, participants in the program will have at their disposal a universally applicable system they can use for their businesses to create reliable and predictable income. At the conclusion of the program, Myra and the other participants will workshop everyone’s individual VIP Intensive to provide valuable and productive feedback. 

“I have first-hand experience in how women undervalue themselves, their services and programs, and their pricing. As a result, they never get their businesses off the ground and make the impact they are destined to make,” she says.

Myra is different from other coaches because she likes to add a more personal touch. All of her coaching sessions are live, as she likes to work directly with her clients. Where most coaches charge a fortune for pre-recorded material often detached from a client’s actual needs, Myra is there with her clients every step of the way. She gets invested; when someone hires her, they’re not just another name on a list to get through. She cares about the results, and she wants to help them achieve their goals. Everyone who has been fortunate enough to work with her can attest to the quality of her services.

Those interested in Myra’s program can find more information on her website here, where they can also sign up before January 13th. She can also be reached via Zoom, by phone at  (302) 480-9039, or via email at support@myrakotze.com.

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