Wolfram Pen & Pencil: 100% Tungsten Writing Instruments With Bolt Action

October 12, 2016 – Wolfram Pen & Pencil Writing Instruments with Bolt Action has been successfully going on as a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is nearing its goal of $5000 and has been the second successful campaign of the manufacturer. The new and improved tungsten pens and mechanical pencils are state of the art in their quality and finishing. These are pens of the future that will survive for the next generation to see the excellence achieved by their ancestors.

Wolfram that is also known as Tungsten has the atomic number 74 on the modern periodic table of elements and has the density that is equal to that of Gold. Moreover, it also has one of the highest melting points of more than 6,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest in metals. The pens and pencils are one of a kind, and there has never been produced a writing tool of their like. The technology and attention paid to design these pens is remarkable, and the results are astonishing.

Each part is made in house on our commercial CNC equipment, and we are proud to be able to offer a one of a kind Bolt Action Mechanism that is press fitted together to make is as simple and long lasting as possible.” Says Karsten Beck. Another unique feature is the fiber laser engraving that is customized, and users can order with the designs and texts of their own choosing while placing orders.

The finished products in black and gold are put through a sophisticated process of a Titanium CarboNitride coating, a process that is normally only used for high-end machine cutting tools. It not only gives the pens a unique finishing but also makes it super strong and durable. It is a highly complex procedure in which the coating is fumed on under vacuum. This makes the finished surface not only strong but also makes them look as good as a new one even after decades.

The pens and mechanical pencils are available in three colors, space grey, black finish, and gold finish. The diameter is 9mm and length is 130mm. With a full cartridge, the weight of the pen is 60 gram whereas the weight of the pencil is 59 grams. Each and every pen and mechanical pencil is packed in a stylish box and can be a perfect gift for the Christmas this year. Last year, the company promised to deliver all its orders by the Christmas and proudly lived up to that promise and this year again, they are planning to do the same.


Wolfram Pen & Pencil Writing Instruments with Bolt Action is a Kickstarter campaign by Beck that has introduces the most sophisticated pens and mechanical pencils ever designed. The reviews and feedback has been phenomenal and the technology used is unprecedented.

The goal of the campaign on Kickstarter is $5000, and generous pen lovers can make their contributions by simply clicking ‘back this project’ here visiting the Kickstarter page

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