With Over 22 Years of Sober Living Without a Relapse, Aaron Offers Help To Make Others Free

13 Sep, 2016 – Trafficking and abuse of drugs is a big problem in the United States. It affects nearly all aspects of the nation. The economic cost though huge, at $215 billion cannot be compared to the human capital lost cannot be quantified. Addiction to drugs has cost people their health, sanity, family, jobs and whatever that makes life meaningful.

According to National Justice Website, NSH data show that in 2009, 14.2 percent of individuals 12 years of age and older used illicit drugs in the past year. In 2008, approximately 5.3 million individuals aged 12 and older reported past year cocaine use, 850,000 reported past year methamphetamine use and 453,000 reported past year heroin use.

The owner of sobercoaches4living.com and a former drug addict/alcoholic, Aaron Giles, introduces his unique approach to helping people overcome drug addiction/alcoholism, no matter how long. Aaron himself struggled with an alcohol and crack cocaine addiction for 15 years. He fought to overcome this using several books, seminars, sessions and other ideas. After trying so many options and none worked, he discovered a way to get an awesome Life in Recovery  without going back gain.

Sober Actions is not a common concept in overcoming addiction; this is the approach that gave Aaron his breakthrough. Since 1994, he has not experienced a relapse into drugs again; this is very much uncommon. As a sober recovery coach, Aaron has transformed his own life and that of hundreds of people who now stay sober and healthy treatment for there drug addiction/alcoholism that leads to long term recovery.

The main reason why so many people relapse into drug addiction/alcoholism is because they were never taking sober actions. It was all about pleasing people. Being sober is very deep, and meaningful it takes actions if practiced daily lead to overcoming addiction from the inside and not the outside.

Drugs/alcohol may be a quick way of feeling good for addicts/alcoholics in dire times, but a great killer of talents and potential. In the game of Basketball, David Thompson could have been Michael Jordan, before Michael Jordan, if not for his weakness for cocaine and alcohol. Thompson is only one of five NBA players to ever score 70 points in a game.  Though he made it to the hall of fame, he is regarded as a big disappointment.

Aaron Giles is a sober recovery coach. He is dedicated to helping drug addicts stay of drugs/alcohol through sober actions after leaving initial treatment. Inspired by his personal experience, he has helped hundreds of people live a successful and meaningful life, reaching the goal of long-term recovery.

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