With its advanced AI technologies, iDazzle Media is the latest addition to the digital production industry.

Launched on January 18, 2022, iDazzle is an integrated media network providing entertaining videos that have gained massive viewership.

iDazzle Media is an integrated media network that offers expertly produced entertainment videos in various areas. iDazzle Media is interested in short videos and media in various sectors, but not how the audiences are used to seeing them. iDazzle Media is an Artificial Intelligence-based project that creates entertaining material for social media by offering new content, such as future tech news and short movies in many categories.

The world has been concentrated in the hands of people. With just one cellphone in hand, one may send a video to another who is nearly 10,000 miles away. Many short videos are shared on social platforms due to the rapid development of the Internet and smartphone technologies. As a result, video material analysis is a vital and well-known task in machine learning and artificial intelligence. iDazzle Media was created as a Digital Media Entity on January 18, 2022, after considering the needs of the time. A multi-category entertainment video network is available through an integrated media network. iDazzle Media specializes in short videos and other forms of media in various industries. 

iDazzle Media is a one-stop where content is created and published using new technologies based on artificial intelligence and the digital economy. Daily articles and news are shared on social media. It is to address commercial and statistics needs and provide social fun.

The CEO of iDazzle Media, Mohammed Adel, is a tech-savvy young entrepreneur. Born in Egypt, his interest lies in Digital Economy and Marketing Derivatives. He feels that deep learning and artificial intelligence have had much success in the field of photos and videos and that many algorithms and models have come from numerous international and domestic competitions. He further shared: “iDazzle Media  links between commercial needs and fun time on social media by providing a new type of content production including future tech news and short videos in different categories.”

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Company Name: IDazzle Media
Contact Person: Mohammed Adel
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Country: Egypt
Website: idazzle.media