With 81% of Ontario Residents Supporting Transitioning to an Energy-Efficient Economy and Upgrading Windows and Doors is Imperative

Helping fight climate change starts at home, and the majority of Ontario’s residents are committed to making their homes eco-friendlier by installing energy efficient technologies such as windows and doors.

North Shield Windows & Doors inc, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient windows and doors proudly made in Canada, is dedicated to playing their part in creating a better, more sustainable everyday life for all Canadians and enable as many residents of Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg to take action on climate change. In light of a 2018 Canadian survey, key findings reveal that 68 per cent of people living in Ontario agree climate change is caused by human and industrial activity, and 81 per cent support transitioning to an energy-efficient economy and lifestyle. North Shield Windows & Doors inc wants to help inform and provide high-quality services to help consumers make informed, eco-aware decisions and oversee the sound implementation of those.

A key representative for North Shield Windows & Doors inc commented: “Scientists have been warning that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase and people don’t become more mindful of their habits and take action, the planet will reach a point of no return. That is a very scary thought. Canada has a unique position on the global arena: we are seen as world leaders in combating climate change. But to make sure we actually live up to those expectations and exceed them, we must all work together and understand that change begins at home. Recycling, minimizing plastic use and making every house as energy efficient as possible. This can mean many things; however, we’d like to focus on the potential of windows and doors: imagine that as much as 50% of the total energy consumption is lost and wasted through unsuitable or old windows and doors design. Our mission is to become the business of choice for Canadians who truly care about saving the environment.”

The Toronto-based company employs multiple energy-saving materials and construction methods across all of their products and services, including premium insulation and glass which has the quality of deflecting heat during hot summer days and enclosing it during winter.

North Shield Windows & Doors inc is running a special on free estimates, anyone interested in helping the planet and saving on bills can browse their catalogue to learn more about the variety of styles available at: https://doorswindowstoronto.ca/specials/ 

About North Shield Windows & Doors Inc

North Shield Windows & Doors Inc is a proud Canadian manufacturer, distributor and installer of an impressive range of high-quality and energy efficient windows and doors. Offering everything from casement, tilt and turn, double hung, fixed, awning and customized windows among many others as well as a wide variety of fibreglass, steel, storm and sliding doors, the business lives up to its credo of providing beautiful and functional products with built in options for energy efficiency and protection at affordable prices. They take great pride in the workmanship of their team which never fails to deliver excellent results.

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