Winner of the LA Comedy Awards, LOVE ADDICT Premieres in Theaters May 13 and Premium VOD

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Culver City, CA – March 29, 2016 – Make a date to watch “Love Addict,” premiering theatrically May 13 & launching this month on premium VOD.  Owen Maxwell (Elliot Haddaway) is a charismatic, Porsche-driving Los Angeles divorce attorney and an incredible womanizer.  Owen signs up for hypnotherapy to help him stop smoking, but gets more than he paid for when the hypnotherapist – one of Owen’s many former forgotten lovers – decides to get some revenge and “cure” Owen of his sexual attraction to women.  What follows is a hilarious downward spiral of Owen’s playboy lifestyle when he become physically sick whenever he gets turned-on, forcing him to go through “detox” with the aid of a former client, a no-nonsense therapist who runs a rehab center and teaches him that there is more to women than just their bodies.

Winner of the 2104 LA Comedy Awards for Best Comedy Film, and featured at the Cannes Film Festival, this sexy comedy also stars model and Big Brother star Courtney Stodden in her first acting role.  Courtney plays plays Mrs. Davenport, a young and stunningly beautiful Los Angeles socialite wife who spends her days sipping on cocktails while sunbathing and trying to figure out why Owen won’t give her the attention to which she is accustomed.  Alyshia Ochse (True Detective. The Other Woman) is Dr. Eileen Jenkins, the no-nonsense therapist that Owen enlists to help him with his hypnotherapy gone wrong.  Dr. Jenkins falls for a vulnerable Owen when he reveals his sensitive side to her.  Now Owen must decide if he feels the same way about her while at the same time tracking down the hypnotherapist who started this whole mess.

Elliot Haddaway stars in the 2016 Fox Network series, “The Seraph,” and in the Chicago-based acclaimed series Chi-raq to be released later this year. He is also lined up to reprise his role in Love Addict II, which begins filming Spring 2016, and in the long-awaited movie ‘Angels in the Sky’ about the struggle and the birth of the state of Israel.

LOVE ADDICT opens theatrically on May 13. Please visit the Facebook page for updated city and theater information.  LOVE ADDICT also premieres this month on premium VOD channels Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Hoopla.

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