Wincey Terry announces the release of her book and CD that educates children about human trafficking

Project is to help raise awareness during human traffic awareness month, to help keep the children safe

Vauxhall, NJ – Human trafficking is modern day slavery and has become a serious issue all over the world, with little children becoming victims. This is why it is essential to educate kids about safety at an early age. Winceyco is proud to announce that they are releasing a new multi-lingual (10 languages) children’s coloring book & CD set titled “Safe.” The book is designed to keep early childhood audiences safe from would-be human traffickers and predators by teaching them a song and rhymes about safe relationships. Wincey uses her many years of experience as a singer-songwriter with famous-named acts to create this artistic and educational product that will add immeasurable value to children.

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“As an artist and presenter of educational assembly programs I have come to realize that I can use my talent to educate young children about safety. Human trafficking today is a serious problem in our society, and anyone can fall victim. This book and CD has been created as a fun and playful way to get the right safety consciousness into our kids so they can remain safe. Everyone, from the elderly to the very young can benefit from the tips and knowledge disseminated in this material,” said Wincey Terry, CEO of Winceyco.

A recent report shows that more than 240,000 American children are at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Statistics like these should make any parent worry. While parents can’t always be there to watch and protect their children, they can help reduce their vulnerabilities by teaching them how to practice safety.

Children love music and stories. Wincey Terry’s “Safe” coloring book and CD is the perfect gift for children because the story and lyrics empower the children to practice safe behavior on their own. This powerful public service message is masterfully illustrated by Suliman, an artist from Newark, NJ.  Wincey, a professional singer, was accompanied on the music track by her band and a group of children which consisted of some of her nieces and friends from her local church. Carefully constructed rhymes made the safety tips easy to remember and more appealing for kid to sing along to.

As Arts Chair of the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Wincey is committed to making materials about safety available to children everywhere. In line with that commitment, Winceyco will be running a donation campaign. For a donation of $10 (plus $4 shipping & handling), Winceyco will send the SAFE book & CD to any child, library, school, church or organization of the donor’s choosing. This special gift is in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January) and Black History (February) a month historically set aside to celebrate freedom from slavery. Books can include a personalized label acknowledging the contributor.

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Winceyco produces music and publishes books, entertainment materials, and educational content. The company is managed by the multi-talented Wincey Terry, who went from the choir stand to the music and film business to work with industry giants such as Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, David Letterman, Sting, etc.

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