W.I. Rivers’ Newly Released “It Must Be Fiction” Is a Well-Written Memoir That Allows Readers to Get a Glimpse into the Author’s Life

“It Must Be Fiction: It Can’t Be Real… and It Never Ends” is the creation of published author W.I. Rivers, A retired grandfather living in the rural area of Thousands Island NY. This book is written in response to the request of everyone telling the author to write a memoir about his life.

Self-Published by the author, “It Must Be Fiction” is an uplifting account of a family who struggles through hardships and overcomes them with a deeper love for life and an infectious joy for living. This is a book that leaves the reader to speculate about whether these might be revelations from someplace unknown or simply the product of an imaginative mind.

Author W.I. Rivers shares his story: “It must be fiction spans 60 years and begins with the family making a phonograph record of the firstborn grandson’s birth. It spans two marriages and ends with me surviving stage 4 cancer. Unknown to me, my father had multiple families up and down the east coast. This eventually comes to light when my sister uses DNA to try and find a son she gave up for adoption. With a family of 13 siblings, half-siblings and step-siblings, there are so many twists and turns.”

Every page of “It Must Be Fiction: It Can’t Be Real… and It Never Ends” is written with the authors personal touch such that either one read this book beginning from the front to back, or maybe one just turn to any page and started reading from there, it does not matter; the message that the book contains will touch the depth of one’s heart in numerous ways. One must buy this book to get the taste of its excitement as words cannot describe the beauty of the book.

“It Must Be Fiction” is published on the Amazon store and can be purchased all over the world. Readers who wish to experience this potent work will be able to purchase it.

For additional information or inquiries about “It Must Be Fiction: It Can’t Be Real… and It Never Ends” or the author, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/1684712041/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_RTiiEbNJB6CX8

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