Why Teddy PG Stands Out as the Best Girls PG Facility Provider in Delhi

A Girls’ Paid Guest accommodation facility, also known as a Girls PG center, is a great home-away-from-home, where you can stay in close proximity to your workplace or school, and still feel like you are living at home.

This kind of accommodation has become preferable to a hostel because of the flexibility it offers. Hostels have certain rules and regulations that may not be palatable to independent students and professionals who may want more control over how they live.

You want a place that you can treat as your own home. You may invite your friends to visit, and also live alone, with a roommate, or as a group of girls.

When choosing a girls PG in Delhi, you should consider the TeddyPG range of guest accommodation facilities because they have so much more to offer than other types of accommodation facilities. So how do you get to choose a TeddyPG facility in your area?

Type of occupancy:

The Teddy PG girls’ accommodation facilities offer you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your type of occupancy. Here are the available choices:

  • Single Occupancy – If you would prefer to live on your own and be the mistress of your own domain, then the single occupancy rooms are the best for you. The rooms are outfitted with a fantastic teddy, who will keep you company when you snuggle into your bed at night. The teddy that you get is life-sized so you will definitely not feel lonely, when you have a silent partner, who will not interfere with your activities in the room.
  • Double Occupancy – Perhaps you have a friend who just brings out the best in you, and you would love to spend more time together. The double occupancy option gives you the idealatmosphere to spend more time with your friend, doing the things that you love most, without feeling you have to adhere to social norms, like you would if you were meeting at a restaurant every evening for a few hours. You get separate wardrobes and beds, but you will have to share the teddy.
  • Triple Occupancy – You may just be the kind of girl who goes against the adage that says that “three is a crowd”. You love spending time with other girls and would love to share a room with them. This option is best for you if this is the case. You each get a separate bed and wardrobe, but you will have to share the teddy.

Once you have decided on the type of occupancy that you want, the features do not end there; there is so much more that you get from a Teddy PG in Delhi, than just the freedom to choose the type of occupancy you want. Here are some of the awesome features that you will also get.


Security is one of the most important features when it comes to living away from home. You want to be in a friendlyneighborhood, where people will always respect you as you come and go. It would be nice to come from a late class at school and not fear for your safety as you are on your way to your room.

All Teddy PG facilities are located in areas that promote security as one of the neighborhood norms. You will always feel great as people get to know you and also watch out for your safety at all times.

Teddy PG facilities also provide surveillance security features such as cameras, which record all happenings around the facility. You can be sure that the grounds are safely monitored and everyone who comes and goes is recorded for security purposes.

Teddy PG facilities also employ the best security guard companies so as to ensure integrity of security services provided. You want a guard who will have a watchful, but friendly eye, when you are walking around and within the facility. You know you are always safe when you choose to stay at Teddy PG facilities.

Amenities located within the area

When you want to go for shopping at a mall, go watch movie, or visit your doctor, you do not want to travel very far. Teddy PG facilities are located in areas where you can get the basic amenities such as healthcare, shopping and entertainment. The amenities are located at aesthetically appealing and clean locations, which further enhance the ambience and comfort of your stay at our facilities.

When you and your girls want to go and spend a day at the mall, you want to be able to walk or take a short cab ride, and the proximity of such basic services is part of the considerations that you should bear in mind when choosing a place for you to stay.

Other social amenities such as parks, where you can go and play some games or simply sit in the sun and read a book can be found close to the facilities that we operate. We care about your social life and therefore ensure that our facilities are centered in areas that provide for your every personal and social need.

Convenient accessibility

Would you want to take a long train ride from your workplace or school to the hostel where you are staying? Of course not. This is probably the reason why you have opted to look for paid guest accommodation away from home, and you need to see that your funds are well spent when it comes to convenience in accessing our facilities.

All Teddy PG locations in Delhi can be found near colleges and working districts. You do not need to spend a long time travelling from your school or workplace every morning and evening. This also ensures that you are not exhausted every day, simply because of the time it takes for you to access our facilities.


All Teddy PG facilities in Delhi are staffed to ensure that all residents are comfortable. This is why we exclusively hire female staffers. They are well-trained in security measures, so you can always feel safe when you are within or outside the facility.

The staff members are always alert and can recognize anyone who is not a resident of the facility. They will require the visitor to record their presence and say who they are visiting. This will ensure that you and your belongings are always safe.

The fact that the staff members are female also enhances the feeling of sisterhood in the facility. You can talk about anything with our staff members, and they will respond to you in a professional, kind and courteous manner. Your comfort at our facilities is extremely important to us.

Ample and secure parking

All Teddy PG facilities will offer ample and secure parking for residents and their visitors. Some residents may have a car and they need to know that it is safe at all times, and that there will always be enough parking space at any time.

All parking areas are monitored by guards and security cameras. This ensures that the cars are safe and also residents are safe when moving to and from their cars. You can always be sure that the safety of your assets, belongings and wellbeing are paramount to us.

Pricing of packages

There are many types of Teddy PG services available in Delhi and can be classified as follows:

Standard Teddy PG accommodation – This is the most popular simply because it offers comfort and safety and is still affordable. The cost of such accommodation is suitable for students and professionals who may just be starting out on their first jobs.

Executive or Luxurious Teddy PG accommodation – This is another package that we offer, but it comes at a premium price. The facilities are a bit bigger and have a lot of luxurious fittings which are designed to provide the kind of accommodation that is suitablefor executives and business people.

Services available

Although all Teddy PG facilities are built around the idea of living as you would at home, there are some services that we offer for our residents. If you do not have time to do your laundry, we shall do it for you and make sure that it is clean, pressed and ready to wear when you need it.

We also ensure that all rooms are kept neat for your comfort. If you have a slumber party with some of your neighbors, we will ensure that you find your room neat and tidy when you get back from school or work.

In conclusion

All Teddy PG facilities in Delhi ensure the comfort and safety of all our residents. We provide you with features that you would not find in a conventional hostel. You are the master of your home, even if it is not at home – in a manner of speaking.

Basically, all our facilities are selected with a lot of care and consideration of the abovelisted needs that our residents desire. Why look for conventional accommodation when you can stay in comfort and safety at one of our facilities for very little extra?

Visit one of our Teddy PG facilities now and make a booking for your room.

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