Why Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems Are Better Options As Compared To Traditional Surgical Options

Many people suffer from hair loss at any age. People only begin noticing hair loss when the rate of hair fall increases to a greater extent. Apart from this, with increased rate hair fall it is also certain that people develop patches on their scalp as hair growth stops completely.

In most cases, the moment you reach 50 years of age there are chances that you may very often notice hair loss. To control this condition in general is a very difficult task and it may also affect you emotionally and physically.

At this time you have to get started with looking around for options that can help you overcome this problem. Hair treatment options include both surgical and non surgical methods, but most people select non-surgical method due to its unlimited advantages.

Here are certain facts that you need to understand about surgical methods that makes non-surgical hair replacement systems much better option.

No Anesthesia – When undergoing surgical method you may have to take anesthesia but non-surgical method does not involve taking anesthesia. So it is certain that the procedure is not painful for patients.

No infections – With surgical method it is necessary that you need to take precautions when transplanting hair as there are more chances for infections. But with non surgical method as the procedure does not involve any transplantation so it is certain that it reduces your chances of getting infected.

No Donor Hair – With non-surgical method it is certain that you may not have to wait for donor hair as ready made hair replacement systems are available for affordable price range. Apart from this you also have a option to select from custom made replacement systems.

Time Factor – With traditional surgical method you may have to undergo a number of procedures including hair separation, incision and transplanting which may take over five to six hours. Custom made hair replacement systems are easy to use as they do not involve any type of surgery. Apart from this hair replacement systems also need not be replaced or maintained for a number of months. Besides, in some cases hair transplant might also take over two years time whereas hair replacement systems only take over twenty minutes and is very much effective.

Risk Factor 

Surgical method involves a lot of risk as there are chances that you may get infected. But non-surgical hair replacement systems do not involve any risk factor. Apart from this, non-surgical methods also lower your chances of getting infected with other diseases.

No bleeding – As non surgical hair replacement systems can be attached to your scalp using adhesives or tapes so it is certain that you just don’t have to worry about bleeding after surgery.
No swelling – Non surgical replacement systems just can be worn like a cap using adhesives or tapes. As the process is not painful so it is certain that your scalp might never swell due to using it.

With all these risk factors it is certain that it is more cost effective as compared to surgical method and at the same time is convenient. Its benefits are also that it offers with long term solution for your hair loss. This means that you may not have to look around for replacement for few months after installing it on your scalp. Apart from this as you don’t have to worry about coloring them very often so it becomes easy and cost effective to maintain it.

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