Why Keeping Ethics at the Forefront of Business Law is Building the Case for Mediation

In the field of law, it is commonly perceived that conflict is the norm – opposing sides set out to deliberately attack each other with the spoils going to the victor. In the world of corporate big business, this conception is arguably at its strongest.

But with mediation on the rise globally, and increasingly being used as a cost and time-saving measure in cases ranging from clinical negligence to divorce and child custody disputes, the appeal of avoiding unpleasant conflicts – not to mention expensive, drawn-out litigation – is becoming more attractive to the supposedly ruthless operators within the corporate world.

The law firm Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC operates across offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Washington, DC, and works across several areas of law, including advising and representing fellow attorneys who have themselves faced complaints or disputes. Among their leadership team is Gregory Brown, who works from both offices and is a Washington and Knoxville business mediator who specializes in numerous areas of complex litigation matters.

With a background across numerous practice areas such as construction, real estate, professional malpractice, product liability and healthcare, Mr. Brown is also listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as a Rule 31 civil mediator, which means he is qualified to lead discussions among opposing parties to encourage them to reach a mutually acceptable solution without costly and stressful litigation.

With a background in professional ethics since first becoming licensed in 1999, it is perhaps not surprising that Gregory Brown chose mediation as a specialist area of practice. In keeping with his ethical traditions, Mr. Brown has also conducted expert witness work in the areas of professional ethics, professional responsibility rules and standards of care for attorneys who work in litigation.

He also spreads the message of mediation through his work in advising corporate bodies on avoiding conflict and finding mutual resolutions – most commonly in the real estate, healthcare and environmental sectors. More specifically this experience has included handling contract litigation regarding the disposal of radioactive waste at a nuclear decommissioning site, and handling ethical matters affecting fellow attorneys and public officials. Mr. Brown has also brought his experience of ethical matters to dealing with issues relating to law firms that they face claims of malpractice.

“With a long tradition in dealing with ethical issues, Gregory Brown is one of the foremost business mediators in the Washington and Knoxville areas,” said a spokesperson for Lowe Yeager & Brown. “He works to help others avoid expensive, combative litigation wherever possible and is passionate about spreading ethical conduct and upstanding law practice throughout the profession and the wider corporate world.”

About Lowe Yeager & Brown

The firm Lowe Yeager & Brown PLLC was first formed by Darryl G Lowe in 1985, and was later joined by Steve Yeager in 1988 and Gregory Brown in 2009. Much of the firm’s work is now focused on advising and representing other attorneys and law firms, as well as professionals and executives in the corporate world and also public officials, and frequently handles cases relating to ethical matters. The firm has offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, and their website is at https://www.lyblaw.net/. They can also be followed on LinkedIn.

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