Why Every Californian Should Consider No-Cost Solar Now

In recent years, the impacts we have been pushing onto the environment have been some of the hottest covered topics globally. Living more sustainably has never been more vital to combating climate change and the extreme weather events that bring devastation. It’s time to greatly reduce our carbon footprint, which is why tens of thousands of homeowners already have at no-cost with Solar Energy Partners.


With over twenty years of experience, Solar Energy Partners has been helping homeowners across the United States transform their property and ditch their reliance on fossil fuels. Born from an idea that renewable energy should not be expensive, the brand has become synonymous with high-quality solar panels, working with many of the highest valued, trusted, and rated brands in the industry: SunRun, Infinity Energy, SunNova, Tesla, etc.

Eager to promote their talented team, the company rewards those passionate brokers within the solar industry. One such broker, Brandon Christopher Bone, was recently promoted to the Assistant District Manager for the North Bay Area. Brandon is incredibly passionate about renewable energy, striving to deliver the very best service to his homeowners and their homes while still encompassing each project entirely, completely, and correctly. He told us how he enjoys thinking about each successful solar install as another fossil fuel passenger vehicle off the road each year in California. He drives an electric car and is dedicated to making a difference every day.

Brandon Christopher Bone added, “Renewable energy has never been more important, yet many homeowners still believe making the switch is a costly and time-consuming process. However, this is simply not true; Any homeowner with enough sun exposure on their roof can modernize their home, pay cheaper rates for electricity, and ultimately, participate in their communal ‘duty’ to help us all in the fight against the runaway greenhouse effect.

“I work with installers and providers, not for them, which ensures that my clients are always the priority. I am their “fail-safe” if you will.”

If you are looking to discover the benefits of customized no-cost solar, contact Brandon today for a free consultation.

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