Why does femininity course matter according to coach Abir Malaeb?

Why does femininity course matter according to coach Abir Malaeb?
Why does femininity course matter according to coach Abir Malaeb?
After more than 2,000 years of evolution in a patriarchal age, built mostly on masculine energy, humans learned to build everything around the strength of doing and the accumulation of having. We have, as humans and as women, completely lost our connection to our feminine energy.

“In this important transition period when humanity is moving from the patriarchal Age of Pisces toward the Union Age of Aquarian, we are witnessing the rise of feminine energy from all sources to bring back balance. And here comes the importance of following with a femininity coach or even attending some femininity courses.” Abir Malaeb.

Femininity coach Abir Malaeb says that the femininity course is for any woman that wants to deepen the connection she has with her feminine energy. This course is created to allow every woman to tap into her inner beauty, strength, and vitality. She will feel empowered and confident no matter where she goes.

“Unfortunately, we (as women) have lost touch with our feminine side as we draw mostly on masculine energy to get things done during the day. After a while, our feminine energy begins to weaken. This leaves us feeling empty, hollow and disconnected on the inside. This is why it is so crucial for you to practice and restore your feminine energy and create the perfect balance that allows for bliss and inner peace.” Abir Malaeb.

Femininity course is made up of seven main axes:

1 – Definition of femininity and its qualities, the energy of the Ying and Yang.

2 – The imbalance of femininity-the characteristics of the imbalance.

Objects of hyper-femininity and objects of rejection of femininity.

3 – The min causes that result in the imbalance of femininity-how to recover from them.

4 – From wrong programming toward the femininity-the relationship of the womb to the femininity-the cycle of the inherited pain-programming wrong expectations.

5 – The wrong programming toward men and relationships.

Obstacles to attracting balanced relationships-among the obstacles to a successful marriage.

6 – Decoding the wrong programming to accept femininity and activate the energy of femininity. The true food of femininity, femininity and physical, emotional and moral reception, sins that prevent real contact with our femininity and the cleansing of these sins. The characteristics of true communication.

7 – Frequencies of femininity. Scientific studies on the frequencies of the names of God, the frequencies of water and water charging, scents that stimulate femininity.

“By learning and making use of the easy, practical action steps every woman will practice tapping into her feminine energy on a daily basis. This isn’t difficult and any woman can do this with a little bit of dedication. All she really needs is the desire to let her feminine side shine.” Abir says.

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