Why do people choose a hydraulic quick coupling?

Why do you choose a hydraulic quick couplings?

1. Save Time and labor: Through the quick couplings to disconnect and connect the oil circuit, simple action, save time and manpower.

2. Oil-saving: break the oil circuit, the quick couplings on the single valve can close the oil circuit, oil will not flow out, to avoid oil、oil pressure loss

3. save space: various types, to meet any pipe needs

4. Environmental Protection: when the quick disconnects and is connected, the oil will not spill, protects the environment.

5. Equipment into pieces, convenient transportation: large equipment or need to be portable hydraulic tools, the use of rapid joint disassembly after transport, to the destination and then assembly to use.

6. Economy: all of the above advantages create economic value for customers.



  1. On-site quick maintenance and replacement

Some large construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, large hoisting machines, and so on, may have pipeline problems at any time under harsh working conditions. At this time, it is necessary to replace pipeline parts in a timely manner, if the downtime maintenance time caused by the greater cost losses, so we must quickly replace parts to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. Therefore, in order to achieve this function, the application of hydraulic quick joint is a good choice. The hydraulic quick joint both ends are integrated with one-way valve, so in the process of disassembly and installation, will not cause the leakage of medium oil in the system.

  2. The need for long-distance transportation

Large-scale equipment or large-scale hydraulic systems are composed of many components. When a project ends, construction machinery and equipment need to rush to the next project site, and often need to be separated and transported, because a few large trailer is not installed, can not achieve the overall transport, and the cost will be very high.

  3. The need for fast system switching

Large hydraulic systems sometimes require system switching, In the switching process, the hydraulic pipeline needs to be quickly disassembled and installed, so as to achieve a rapid system switching, then the application of fast connector is a good choice. And in many cases, the system needs to be switched or maintained in operation, which requires pressure operation. The problem with pressure-on-line operations is the need to disassemble and replace parts under hundreds of kilograms of system pressure. Hydraulic quick joint is able to realize in a few hundred kilograms of residual pressure under the rapid joint to insert and pull, thus realizing the rapid pipe disassembly and installation.

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