Why Attractive Financing Deals Are Driving Popularity in Used Car Dealership Market

When it comes to purchasing used cars, more people than ever before are now happy to take up the financing deal offered by their used car dealership, reflecting both a great deal of trust in the integrity of the dealership’s arrangement and the attractive offerings of many 0% interest, no-down payment finance deals. This healthy uptake of financing has also been reflected across the wider North American market, with annual car loan amounts increasing year on year.

Investing in the purchase of a car is no small undertaking and there is a particular level of risk when buying a used car. Finding a used car dealership with a great reputation increases the chances of finding quality second hand cars that are in good condition and which will not develop major faults immediately after buying them.

Avoiding risks when buying used cars

When buying from a used car dealership, it is important to follow a few safety steps in order to ensure the purchase is as risk-free as possible. These include taking a car for a test drive, which is a great way to check for any immediate issues with the running of the car; find out the vehicle identification number; and find out the date the seller bought the car.

These last two steps mean a buyer can do their own investigations into the history of the car – whether it has been in an accident or been rebuilt, and what its odometer reading is. There are private companies that can also do this but it carries a cost, whereas a savvy would-be buyer can do it themselves. Another important thing to check for is whether there is an outstanding loan – or lien – against the car. Luckily registered used car dealerships have a legal obligation to remove liens from used cars but it is still worth a check to be sure.

Finding the right used car

Used cars come in all shapes and forms, with cheaper run around and luxury models all available at most used car dealerships. But with the huge range of models, specifications and prices on offer, it can be difficult to pin down the exact vehicle.

“Prices of used cars largely depend on the age of the vehicle, as well as the model, age and mileage, and any additional specifications that might be available,” says a spokesperson for Car Solutions Canada, a Toronto used car dealership. “Our online inventory highlights our existing stock and allows customers to tailor searches to precise requirements.”

Car Solutions Canada also offers financing, which includes low interest loans for customers with existing loans. The website also has an online calculator that allows customers to work out their own car loan rate.

The company also has a set standard for the used cars it includes in stock, ensuring all their vehicles meet strict criteria on overall condition and smooth running. With the company’s team providing car servicing such as oil changes, brakes adjustment, engine tune-up and transmission flush, it’s a used car dealership that provides a full range of expertise that should ensure used car customers experience as risk-free a transaction as possible.

About Car Solutions Canada

Car Solutions Canada is based in Toronto and has a mix of sales staff and car technicians to provide a range of services from tailored car sales to a full car service.  

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