Why are plastic pallets the trend of the future?

From the comparison results of the proportion of different materials of existing pallets in my country and the performance of various materials, it can be seen that the serious imbalance of the proportion of packaging pallets in my country reflects the prominent contradiction in the social application of pallets to some extent. Most of the pallets used for product circulation will end their service life with the transfer of product ownership, and they are basically one-time use, and the socialized circulation of pallets has not been realized.

The reason is that the prices of steel pallets and plastic pallets are high, and if they cannot be recycled repeatedly, the marginal cost of enterprises will be difficult to reduce. Most of the wooden pallets are one-time use, although the wooden pallets are uniformly damaged, which wastes a lot of natural resources, and its chemical corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and the ability to protect the goods carried are lower than pallets of other materials, and the integrity is poor. Because its material requirements are not strict and the price is low, it is easier for enterprises to accept it.

Why are plastic pallets the trend of the future?

Compared with steel pallets and wooden pallets, plastic pallets have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, no static electricity, recyclability, and good integrity. The service life is generally 5-7 times that of wooden pallets. In addition, the plastic-wood pallet of the new material has the dual advantages of plastic pallet and wooden pallet. It can withstand static load and can withstand impact. It does not have the disadvantages of steel pallets and high cost, and also overcomes the easy deformation of plastic pallets, easy aging, easy high temperature creep, cold brittleness and other defects. With the further promotion of national pallet standardization, pallet manufacturers only need to manufacture pallet molds of standard size, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of pallets of other materials, thereby promoting the large-scale use of plastic and other pallets that conform to materials.

Compared with plastic-wood pallets, metal pallets have the characteristics of good repairability, high recycling value and 100% reuse rate. However, its manufacturing cost is higher than that of plastic-wood and other pallets. From an economic point of view, the acceptance of enterprises is relatively low.

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