Why Are Aluminum Beer Bottles Becoming More Popular?

Do people know that aluminum beer bottles are becoming more and more popular? This is because they offer a number of advantages over traditional glass beer bottles. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using aluminum beer bottles:

  • Aluminum beer bottles are lighter than glass ones, so they’re easier to transport.
  • They keep beer fresher for longer, due to their airtight seal.
  • Aluminum beer bottles are also more environmentally friendly than glass bottles, as they can be recycled over and over again.

If people are looking for a way to store and transport their beer, then aluminum beer bottles are definitely worth considering!

aluminum beer bottle

Everflare Aluminium packaging manufacturer aluminium beer bottles for more than 15 years here,Our 330ml &473mm empty aluminium bottles is very popular hot sells.

Cap 26.6mm crown Cap
Capacity 250-473ml
Thickness 0.4mm
9 color printing (Matte, light, Solid Printing ,transparent Printing)
MOQ 50,000PCS
Usage beer´╝îcocktail

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