Who is Who Izzi? The Mystery, The Dreamer, The Artist

Queens, New York – Music that wakes the soul, music that uplifts the spirit, music driven by culture and music that influences- That’s what defines Who who izzi and his music. Who Izzi is fast gathering acclaim for a style of music integrating hardcore lyrics on Trap, RnB and Hip Hop Instrumentals.

Who Izzi is a born performer. singer and writer whose passion for music goes back to the streets of Queens, New York where he began to pursue his career. His desire to share all inside him with his audience is what allows him create music that bares his soul for all to see. On stage, Who Izzi is a monster that exudes confidence and lyrical dexterity like few can. As a perfectionist, Who Izzi has taken time to grow and mature before releasing his music to the public.

His name, Who Izzi is a short synopsis of his unique identity that makes him and his music very interesting. With him, you don’t know what comes next. As a modern day hip-hop artist who knows the game and strives for perfection always, Who Izzi’s music gives good vibes that connect with others and elevate moods. Izzi is nothing like the one-dimensional rap archetypes that rear their heads periodically in the culture. His art form takes shape from his multiple personality which coalesce in his explosive work. This makes his talent unique and undeniable, his timing exquisite and his path to the top very promising. He draws inspiration from his personal feelings about the world and life’s experiences to make music across different genres that everyone can relate to.

Who Izzi is the representation of the versatility that today’s music industry demands. Combining craft with personality and performance with art, never compromising on quality but pulling every stop to produce sounds that appeal to diverse audiences of the modern day era. Each and every track of his comes from perfection, paying close attention to details while never positive about what exactly he is looking for but knowing when he sees it. That way, he produces works worthy of his name. His ease and effortlessness informs everything he does and like a chameleon, Who Izzi adapts to whatever changes circumstances demand.

About Who Izzi:

Born Israel David Jimenez on January 20th, 1987 in Queens, New York, he grew up to discover his passion for music which started from a very young age. Gifted with an ear for sound, he picked up on rhythms and heard lyrics long before he knew what to do with them. By 15, he started to pursue a career in music, overcoming one obstacle after another and navigating negative people and negative environments, his vision clear and his goals set. He has never wavered along his journey, creating music through lost jobs and broken relationships, his style developing smoothly and arising naturally. An artist at heart, he is at times mysterious but always expressive.

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