Whirlpool baths today have more invaluable and innovative features, according to JT Spas

Innovative bathroom products have taken centre stage today, and this is especially true for a unique and useful investment like a whirlpool bath. More homeowners are seeing the benefits of whirlpool baths in their homes, and the benefit extends to better and more advanced features as well.

JT Spas, a long-time supplier of bathroom products in the United Kingdom, has always made it its goal to provide customers with only high-quality products – the best around. That’s why it only has partnerships with well-known and established manufacturers such as Hudsoon Reed, Royce Morgan, Aquaplus, Phoenix, Jupiter, Lisna Waters, and more.

But there’s one type of bathroom product on the JT Spas roster which continuously attracts customers, and for good reason. Whirlpool baths have always been considered a luxury addition to any bathroom, but now, thanks to more manufacturers, they have become more affordable as well. Since there are more manufacturers specialising in whirlpool baths, these types of baths have even better and more innovative features. JT Spas describes these features in further detail: “Since its development and perfection through years of hard research and experimentation, today’s modern whirlpool silent operation system can now boast an unsurpassed quality and unrivalled performance. With a corner whirlpool bath installed, the bathroom becomes an ideal place for relaxation and unwinding after a hard day’s work.”

The other features of modern whirlpool baths, as explained by JT Spas, include the hydro massage feature, which is also combined with special properties such as a ‘sauna spa’. As JT Spas further confirms, “The air-spa whirlpool shower bath offers a much gentler massage experience that is streamed through specialised nozzles, strategically positioned around the bathtub. This is perfectly suited for people wanting relief from aches and pains alongside aiding people with health issues like heart problems and hypertension.”

At JT Spas, the whirlpool baths are not only innovative and highly-advanced – they also come with truly reasonable prices, ranging from as low as £349 for the Jupiter whirlpool bath measuring 1700mm by 700mm with a total of six whirlpool jets to the highest priced Lisna Waters ULTRIO corner whirlpool bath, priced at £1295 and with an air spa-bath combination and a 24-jet encore system – and every other price and model in between. There’s something in store for everyone.

To get more information on whirlpool baths as well as other great products, visit JT Spas at http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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