Which Country Can You Purchase The Airwheel Electric Scooters?

Airwheel intelligent electric scooter has made great achievement worldwide. Whether from the Facebook, twitter or YouTube, many have asked where they can buy the Airwheel mars rover. The following will answer the question in detail. Can you find Airwheel in your country?

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Airwheel electric drift hoverboard has made great achievements worldwide through years’ efforts. The local distributors are covering the five continents, more than forty countries and regions. It becomes more and more convenient for people to buy it near home. You can choose to buy it in your country or region.

In the Europe, there are 21 countries and regions, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Holland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Czech, Finland, Russia, France and Denmark. In Africa, there are South Africa, Kenya and Egypt local distributors. In America, you can find Airwheel distributers in nine countries, including Chile, Brazil, Peru, USA, Paraguay, Canada, Colombia, and Puerto Rico and Argentina. In Oceania, the most important two countries Australia and New Zealand is selling Airwheel mars rover. In Asia, the Airwheel local distributors can be found in the 14 countries and regions: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan and Lebanon. For more detail, please visit the http://www.airwheel.net/home/promote.

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If the above include your country, you can contact them directly. If not, you can contact Airwheel headquarter to give you the best solution. Through continuous efforts, it is believed that the Airwheel intelligent power scooter will be reaching more and more countries in the world and more and more people will gain a lot by riding Airwheel, as it is not only green, but also build up the public’s health to stay away from sub-health.

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Free intelligent life is not only Airwheel’s corporate culture, but also the people are striving for. Undoubtedly, Airwheel will develop more distributors to pass its green and convenient concept to every corner of the world. If you want to be one of Airwheel distributors in your country, please contact us without hesitation via email business@airwheel.net or find Airwheel electric walkcar on social media and leave a meagre (Facebook, twitter or YouTube etc.).

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