When Worlds Collide: New Release Outlines Distinctions Between the Secular World System and God’s Creation

Some 69 percent of Americans believe our values have deteriorated since the 1970s, and nearly half say values will further weaken over the next ten years, according to a 2012 Atlantic/Aspen Institute American Values Survey. Under the guise of tolerance and open-mindedness, Americans increasingly rate as morally acceptable the issues of homosexuality, human cloning, premarital sex, and having a child out of wedlock.

What was once immoral is now accepted as normal. Christians who determine to maintain a biblical standard are put on the defensive and labeled intolerant. With social and political correctness replacing God’s standards of righteousness, the distinction between the church and the world is in matters of morality, entertainment and political choices is rapidly eroding.

To combat this erosion, Horace Allen, a professional marriage and family therapist and author has written The World to Love and Not to Love (Redemption Press). In this new release, Allen contrasts the world (cosmos) God created in perfect order and structure with the secular world system under satanic influence. He says, “If Judeo-Christian values would not disappear with time, it is necessary for Christians to be aware of how they are being affected by the moral decline.”

Allen writes for older believers who may have lost the clarity of the dividing line between secular and spiritual worlds, young or new believers who have grown up in a world that replaces righteousness with political and social correctness, and for unbelievers who do not see any differences between the standards of many Christians and the world.

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