When Looking for Dance Photographers, Daisy Beatty Photography Captures Motion

New York, NY – August 04, 2017 – Daisy Beatty has been a full-time portrait photographer since 2014, providing portrait photography on the side since high school. She has spent years taking classes in lighting, retouching, and newborn photography. Daisy say, “I feel so lucky to be a photographer. I love what I do and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and your loved ones.”

Dancing is one of the finest arts ever known to man. The graceful movements, the poetry in motion and the music. Everything about dancing is a feast for the senses – especially for the eyes. The lure of dancing is simply irresistible, which is why a lot of photographers love making it their central subject. But, like anything that’s in motion, taking photos of the dance or dancers is not easy. You must consider a lot of factors before shooting even one scene. You can browse this site to see the incredible images of dancers taken by Daisy. You’ll be surprised with how dynamic her photos look.

Daisy knows just how to show the faces of the dancers, by moving around and experimenting with different angles. This allows her to explore diverse backgrounds you might want to include in your photos. This will make the photo more dynamic and interesting. During the shoot, Daisy seems more like a choreographer than a dance photographer.  She is experienced in getting the best results on crowded dance floor or studio, or standing the middle of middle of town on a busy street. Daisy has a way of visualizing the shots you’re going to love. You really should check out her Google My Business information.

Just check out some of Daisy Beatty Photography reviews on her website.  One client says, “When I received my photos from Daisy I shrieked with delight. I couldn’t hang them on the wall fast enough.”  So, when you are looking for a dance shot of your own, go to Daisy Beatty Photography. The most important part in a dance portrait is motion or the sense of it. As a photographer, Daisy makes sure that the viewer can visualize the motion.

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