When Do Parents Need to Change Their Parenting Plans?

When Do Parents Need to Change Their Parenting Plans?

For different reasons, parenting plans might need to be changed. However, parents must go through the appropriate legal channels to do so. By working with an attorney, parents can ensure that they are taking the necessary steps and increasing their chances of having a parenting plan modification approved.

If there’s one thing we have learned this year, it’s that plans can quickly change. Life never stays the same, and everyone needs to be flexible. The same holds true for parenting plans. Though they are used as permanent tools, Alabama family courts understand that sometimes circumstances change, and parenting plans might need to change along with them. A knowledgeable Huntsville family lawyer from our firm can help parents with this process.

Reasons for a Parenting Plan Modification

For a court to grant a modification to a parenting plan:

  • There must be a substantial change in circumstances affecting the current parenting plan
  • Modifying the plan is in the child’s best interests
  • The benefits of the modification outweigh the disruption resulting from that change

Common reasons the courts will grant a parenting plan modification:

  • One parent relocates further away from the parent or out of state.
  • A parent believes the child is being neglected when they are with the other parent.
  • The child’s needs and/or preferences have changed.
  • The child is in immediate danger due to drug use, alcoholism, or domestic violence in the one parent’s home.
  • The non-custodial parent is now more able to provide for the child.
  • One parent’s new job results in a different schedule.
  • One parent repeatedly doesn’t follow the current parenting plan.

If parents are unsure if their reason for wanting to change their parenting plan will be legitimate in the eyes of the court, it’s best to speak with a well-versed Huntsville family attorney. They can assess the situation closely to determine what parents’ next best steps should be.

Should I Go Through the Court?

All changes to parents’ parenting plan need to go through the court. Otherwise, they are not binding. However, if parents have an amicable relationship with one another, they might be able to explain their circumstances and the reason they want to modify the parenting plan. If they can agree on a new arrangement, it just needs to be approved by the court. No matter how great parents’ relationships with each other might be, they still need to have the court sign off on it. If they don’t, there could be issues in the future.

Suppose a parent can’t agree or is unable to approach the child’s other parent. In that case, they will need to go to the court to let them determine if a modification is appropriate and what it will be. An experienced Huntsville family lawyer from our firm can help parents draft a parenting plan modification that the court will likely approve.

Meet with a Reputable Huntsville Family Lawyer Today

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