What\’s The Folding Electric Bike? Ideawheel E6 Answers The Question

In the transportation filed, traffic jam has become the most outstanding problem for modern city residents. The root reason for this problem is the conflict between the rapidly increasing of the volume of automobiles and the traditional traffic system established several decades ago. Maybe you need a portable e bike, like Ideawheel E6.

With the rapid development of modern urbanization, people’s life in modern city are getting more and more convenient and flexible. Nevertheless, the illness and defects of modern urbanization have also come into people’s sight gradually, like the daily transportation. How to help people have more fun and save more time during commuting trips is a great problem for transportation field. Ideawheel E6 folding ebike in X shape design is one of the great efforts people have made to improve the traffic condition in modern city.


Compared with traditional transportation tools – automobiles, bicycles and buses, Ideawheel E6 has its own unique characteristics in the transportation field. First of all, Ideawheel is fixed with a tiny and simplified structure compared with automobiles and buses which makes it more flexible and convenient. Going with E6 city electric bike on commuting trips will help people get rid of the traffic jam and save more time. By the time they arrived at the offices, they just got off and fold it so that they could carry it with them conveniently because of its multiple fold system.


Secondly, long time waiting and transferring are two main problems for public buses. Taking an Ideawheel E6 will help people avoid waiting and get rid of interim transferring during commuting trips. Furthermore, E6 intelligent e bike is a great matcher for automobiles and buses, the tiny and folding structure has made it very convenient for people to pack it into a bag and take it anywhere he wants. Also, it is never the problem for E6 powering off halfway, which benefits from its replaceable battery unit.


Ideawheel E6 battery operated bicycle, as a revolutionarily new product for transportation field, will help people get rid of traffic jam and save more time on their daily commuting trips. Try it personally, you will have a better understanding of what portable electric bike is.

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