What type of glasses are the most popular right now?

What type of glasses are the most popular right now? Of course the answer is acetate glasses. Acetate glasses are one of the most popular glasses today. The main component is acetate fiber, which has proved to be an ideal material for the manufacture of eyeglasses frames because of its richness of color, stability and diversity of processing technology. Acetate Optical and Acetate Sunglasses made of acetate fiber are moderate in weight, rich in color, and diverse in style and structure, especially the gold and plastic glasses combined with different materials such as metal. It is more liked by consumers.

Acetate frames are popular because they are not only light but also non-sensitizing to the skin. Now, acetate frame has changed from the rigid style of the past, and there are a variety of dazzling and colorful colors and shapes, not only high-gloss colored acetate frames, but also exquisite spectacle frames that are cut and combined by carving. Acetate is an environmentally friendly material. It will not be affected by human skin or body secretions, so it has no side effects on human skin. Acetate material has the characteristics of good transparency, easy coloring, good hand feeling, and non-flammability, which provides a creative processing material for eyeglass manufacturers, making acetate glasses colorful and providing you with more choices.

In terms of performance characteristics, acetate glasses are lighter, have high hardness, good gloss, and are beautiful in style, not easy to deform and change color, and are durable. It has a certain elasticity, and the shape memory acetate will return to its original shape when it is slightly bent or stretched and then loosened. It is not easy to burn, and it is hardly discolored by the irradiation of ultraviolet rays.

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All of the above are the advantages of acetate glasses. The acetate glasses are fashionable and easier to match with clothing. Combining the thickness of acetate and the metal texture, it reflects the personality and style. Why don’t you get one soon? Hisight optical has also come with a lot of new styles recently, and will meet you in the future.

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