What Should One Do When The Barcode Printer Keeps Printing Out Blank Thermal Paper

When using barcode printer for printing, print out the blank label paper this kind of circumstance is a common problem.

Especially in the barcode printer just after changing the label paper or carbon belt, barcode printer is very easy to jump phenomenon or a problem of a lot of blank paper, and print out the label position is not correct. So how to use the barcode printer to print when there is a blank situation?

First, the position of the paper sensor is not correct.

Raise the print head, and people will see a paper detector where the paper passes through.

The detector needs to be covered with paper, so that the barcode carbon tape printer can correctly adapt to the size of the paper.

Two, the gap between the barcode carbon label paper is not standard.

When some label paper is processed, the size or spacing of the produced label paper will be different due to the reason of the machine or the mold, which leads to the inability of the barcode ribbon printer to sense the size of the label paper.

Three, the paper sensor is dirty.

Clean the paper sensor with anhydrous alcohol and turn off the power to the printer before cleaning. Re-operate the “paper correction”.

White paper and jump paper is the most common solution is to correct the paper can be solved. The position is not required to modify the size Settings.

The correct operation of the installation of supplies is also a key problem. So before using, or to find some more about the barcode printer installation guide to see will be better.


  • Professional printing in various types of labels
  • Multi-functional thermal transfer & direct thermal printing
  • Compact design, saving desk space
  • Stable performance, print clearly
  • Supports accurate printing, automatically calibration function



  • Dual-motor gear driven design
  • Compatible with TSPL、EPL、ZPL、DPL
  • 127 mm (5”) inches per second print speed
  • Free bundled labeling software and Windows drivers
  • 200 MHz 32-bit processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory



  • Media types: Continuous; gap; black mark; fan-fold and punched hole
  • Multiple sensors: black mark; positioning distance; gap sensor
  • With transparent cover, paper status is at a glance
  • Support external paper holder and label box
  • Double motor design, more powerful

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