What Role Does Thermal Sterilization Play In The Food Industry?

In recent years, as consumers demand more and more food flavor and nutrition, the impact of food sterilization technology on the food industry is also growing. Sterilization technology plays an important role in the food industry, not only can ensure the quality and safety of products and extend the storage period of products. In the process of food processing and production, through food sterilization technology, microbial growth can be inhibited or killed microorganisms, so as to achieve the purpose of improving food quality, prolonging the storage period of food, and ensuring food safety.

At present, the traditional thermal sterilization technology in food processing is widely used, versatility, mainly used retort for high-temperature sterilization. High-temperature retort can destroy a variety of microorganisms, pathogenic bacillus, and spirochetes, etc., and the degree of sterilization, such as sterilization temperature and sterilization pressure can be accurately controlled, it is a simple and effective way of sterilization. However, the high temperature of the retort will lead to changes and losses of color, flavor and nutrients in the food to a certain extent. Therefore, choosing a reliable quality retort is vital to maintain the quality of food.

A good high-temperature retort should ensure the following points.

First, the temperature and pressure control is accurate, in the food for high temperature sterilization should ensure that the temperature and pressure control of the product is accurate, small error. Our retort can control the temperature at ± 0.3 ℃, the pressure is controlled at ± 0.05 Bar, to ensure that the product will not occur after the sterilization of distended bags deformation and other issues, and retain the flavor and texture of the product.

Second, the operation is simple and easy to understand, humanized design interface allows operators to understand the operation of the equipment can be simple and clear, our retort are fully automatic system control, can be one-key operation, without the need for operators to manually control the temperature rise and temperature drop time, to avoid the occurrence of manual misoperation.

Third, a wide range of applications, high-temperature retort is suitable for a variety of products for high-temperature sterilization, meat products, recreational food, health drinks, canned goods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, pet food, baby food and protein drinks that require high-temperature sterilization sterilization treatment, and on almost all forms of food packaging.

Fourth, customized design, capacity, specifications and sterilization can be tailored to the characteristics of the product as well as customer’s capacity. Adopt more accurate sterilization solutions to protect your food safety.

To sum up, under the consideration of comprehensive factors, thermal sterilization technology can retain the nutrients and flavors in food and will certainly play an increasingly important role.

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