Many People Don’t Know About The Wood Grapple Problem During Loading And Unloading Wood

In order to meet the various working needs of the excavator, there are many types of excavator attachments,including:hydraulic breaker, hydraulic shear, vibratory plate compactor, quick hitch,wood grapple, etc.The wood grapple is one of the more commonly used ones.The hydraulic grapple,also known as the log grapple,wood grapple,is a tool that can be installed on the excavator to grab wood, transport and load the car;the excavator log expands the scope of use of the excavator.

Advantages of wood grab

As we all know, at the beginning,the loading and unloading of logs,sugar cane, etc.were all done manually.Later, due to manual work, the demand for many working conditions could not be met,which prompted the generation of excavator wood grapple.Wood grabs are widely used in mountains, forest farms,sugarcane fields, etc.It is flexible in action and convenient in operation, and its efficiency is at least 50% higher than that of ordinary loaders,which greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading,saves manpower, ensures the safety of workers,is simple to install,easy to operate, and has high cost performance.

Product Features

1.The rotary wood grab is made of special steel, which is light in texture, high in elasticity and high in wear resistance.

2.It has a braking function and adopts a new worm gear design.

3.The slewing device of the small-tonnage excavator is adopted, and the brake pads are used for braking, thereby greatly improving the service life, stability and efficiency of the rotation.

4.The largest opening width,the smallest weight and the largest performance at the same level;in order to strengthen the strength, a special large-capacity oil cylinder is used.

5.The operator can control the rotation speed, and can freely rotate 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise.

6.The use of special rotating gears prolongs the life of the product and reduces maintenance costs.

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