What is the reason for the high power consumption of the fruit air curtain cabinet?

Fruit air curtain cabinet, its refrigeration principle is the use of cold air from the top and back blowing, the lower part of the return air intake, so as to play the internal circulation of cold air is not lost so that the cold air evenly covered to the fruit of the air curtain cabinet in all corners, to achieve the purpose of product preservation. That some of the air curtain cabinet why will be so power-consuming?

1, the higher the ambient temperature of the operation of the more power-consuming. Running the ambient temperature is used for the power consumption of the air curtain cabinet is directly related. If the environment around the running temperature is relatively high, it will make the cabinet cooling effect reduces the fruit cabinet cooling will be slower, it will cause the running time is longer, the relative increase in power consumption.

2, the temperature itself doubt, in the air curtain cabinet will have a temperature adjustment switch, the temperature is unreasonable will also lead to an increase in power consumption of the air curtain cabinet. That is because the temperature of the refrigerated relative to frozen to be much higher, the higher the temperature refrigeration will be easier. But the lower the temperature, the demand for refrigeration will be more, the greater the power consumption.

3, reduce the number of times the door is opened. We open the fruit cabinet in the blink of an eye will feel the temperature drop.

That is because the cool air inside the fruit cabinet cabinet to run out. The cool air inside the cabinet to run out after the temperature will increase, when the temperature does not reach our set temperature value compressor will continue to run refrigeration, adding power consumption. 4, timely defrost. Frost and ice are not passing cool air. If the air curtain cabinet cabinet presents frost or a little ice phenomenon we have to deal with them in a timely manner, so as not to add our compressor running time and lead to increased power consumption.

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