What is the most suitable emergency solution for UFO lighting fixtures?

In the modern fast-paced life, illumination is no longer just about providing brightness; it is also a crucial aspect concerning safety and convenience. Particularly in emergency situations such as power outages or urgent evacuations, a highly efficient and reliable emergency lighting system becomes paramount. UFO lighting fixtures, with their unique appearance and outstanding performance, play an irreplaceable role in the industrial and commercial lighting sectors. LED UFO emergency lights have become a market necessity. However, considering the diverse range of UFO lighting fixtures available on the market, how to choose the appropriate emergency solution for UFO lighting and what constitutes a convenient UFO emergency solution are the subjects this article will delve into in detail.

Considering the unique structure of UFO lighting fixtures: with a large emitting surface and limited space within the electrical box, which can barely accommodate any equipment other than LED drivers, when emergency functionality is required, the basic option is to choose an external emergency power supply. Currently, there are two mainstream choices for emergency solutions for UFO lighting fixtures in the industry: emergency lighting inverters and LED emergency drivers.

The widespread adoption of emergency lighting inverters has greatly facilitated various lighting projects and provided more flexibility in adaptation. This is because they do not require changes to the internal wiring of the fixtures and can be installed at the front end of multiple fixtures. However, for individual UFO lighting fixtures, the expensive cost of inverters undoubtedly becomes the biggest obstacle for users in their selection.

Compared to emergency lighting inverters, LED emergency drivers offer a price advantage for individual fixtures. Therefore, they have become the most preferred emergency solution for UFO lighting fixtures by lighting manufacturers.

The existing UFO emergency drivers on the market not only require opening the LED emergency driver housing or using a separate external waterproof junction box for intricate wiring but also involve removing the metal suspension chain from the UFO lighting fixture when installing the emergency module. This chain needs to be hung on the UFO emergency driver before suspending the UFO lighting fixture from the UFO emergency driver. These factors contribute to poor user experience and significantly elevate the installation and maintenance costs in the long run.

Phenix Lighting is a professional brand in China specializing in LED emergency lighting equipment required for the North American market. With a history of over 20 years since its establishment, the company has conducted extensive and in-depth market research to fully understand the actual needs of users. Based on this research, Phenix Lighting has launched a series of LED emergency drivers specifically designed for UFO lighting fixtures, known as the 18440X-UFO series.

The most prominent feature of the 18440X-UFO is its super-simple and fast wiring method. There is no need to open the housing of the lighting fixture or the emergency driver. Simply rotating the waterproof connector of the emergency driver allows for quick wiring of the UFO emergency lighting fixture. With DC high-voltage output, selectable output voltages of 170VDC and 400VDC are available, making it suitable for applications in different mains power environments worldwide. Similar to the wiring method of emergency lighting inverters, it offers the simplicity but at the price point of LED emergency drivers.

During on-site installation, the emergency module can be directly suspended above the UFO lighting fixtures, without the need for additional electrical boxes. This setup does not affect the original wiring or structure of the lighting fixtures; wiring can be done simply by opening the waterproof connectors at both ends. After wiring, the IP rating of the lighting fixture itself can still be effectively ensured (up to IP67).

For UFO lighting fixtures equipped with 0-10V dimming functionality, they can automatically adjust and accept a load of up to 10 times the maximum power rating. Under emergency conditions, they provide constant power output. Emergency duration can be switched between 90 minutes and 180 minutes. With built-in batteries and a high waterproof rating of up to IP67, they are suitable for various outdoor and humid environments.

If you are struggling to choose an emergency solution for UFO lighting fixtures, then quickly contact Phenix Lighting (https://www.phenixemergency.com). We offer the best solutions, top-quality products, and the most professional service team.

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