What is the difference between indoor network cable and outdoor

The big difference between outdoor network cable and indoor network cable is the outer skin.

The indoor network cable has only a single layer of wire skin, which is softer in order to accommodate indoor wiring.Indoor network cable does not have the thick skin of outdoor network cable, nor does it have the double skin of outdoor network cable, which does not play a good role in waterproofing and sun protection outdoors.Indoor network cable outer skin is a layer of PVC do, indoor use of network cable, mostly twisted pair, it generally does not have professional waterproof measures, sturdiness is not strong.

Outdoor network cable is used in the outdoor cable’s outer skin is thicker than the indoor network cable and more than one PE sheath layer inside, the main role is to waterproof and sunscreen, tensile and compressive. Mainly used for outdoor environment wiring, thick skin, tensile and compressive strength. It is a water-resistant wire for outdoor wiring.Outdoor network cable is divided into unshielded network cable and shielded network cable.


Network cable structure:

Indoor network cable: Super Category 5 indoor network cable has only one layer of PVC skin + 4 pairs of twisted pairs + a tensile cord. Category 6 indoor cable will have an additional white cross skeleton (the white cross skeleton inside the cable is not the basis for determining whether it is a Category 6 cable, but mainly depends on whether it can meet the Category 6 standard.

Outdoor network cable: Outdoor network cable has two outer skins, the outer layer is black water-blocking PE skin, and the inner layer is PVC inner skin + 4 pairs of twisted pairs + a tensile cord. Category 6 outdoor network cable also has an additional white cross skeleton.

The role of the network cable:

Indoor network cable role: indoor network cable only a layer of PVC outer skin is mainly to apply indoor environment wiring many corners, multi-bend wiring requirements and maintain the softness.

The role of outdoor network cable: outdoor network cable is characterized by an outer layer of black PE water-resistant skin + inner layer of PVC skin, mainly to adapt to the changing environment in the outdoors, to play the role of waterproof and sunscreen, tensile and compressive, in outdoor wiring, not easy to pull through the outer skin, to protect the copper core.

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