What is the Diethyl Aminoethyl hexanoate’s effects

Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate (DA-6) is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator with multiple functions of auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin. It is soluble in water and organic solvents such as ethanol, ketone, chloroform, etc. It is stable in storage at room temperature, stable under neutral and acidic conditions, and the alkaline bar decomposes.

DA-6 is a kind of high-efficiency plant growth regulator with broad-spectrum and breakthrough effect, which was first discovered by American scientists in the early 1990s. It can improve the activities of plant peroxidase and nitrate reductase; increase the content of chlorophyll and speed up the photosynthetic rate; promote the division and elongation of plant cells; promote the development of roots, and regulate the balance of nutrients in the body.

• Improve photosynthesis and increase the content of chlorophyll. After three days of application, the leaves will become darker green, larger, and spread, with quick results and good effects;

• Improve the quality of crops and the content of nutrients, such as amino acids, proteins, sugars, vitamins, etc.;

• Adjust the balance of crop metabolism, accelerate plant carbon and nitrogen metabolism, enhance plant absorption of water and fertilizer and dry matter accumulation, promote flower bud differentiation and formation; delay plant senescence, promote early maturity of crops, increase production and improve quality;

• Adapt to low temperature. At low temperature, as long as the plant has a growth phenomenon, it has a regulating effect, and can be widely used in greenhouses and winter crops;

• Non-toxic side effects. Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate is a fatty alcohol compound, equivalent to oils, non-toxic to humans and animals, no residue;

• Super stable. DA-6 raw powder is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive , Safe storage and transportation;

• Good safety, It can adjust the five endogenous hormones in the plant body, and it can be used to prevent or eliminate crop phytotoxicity; Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate is safe to use, has good regulatory effect on plants, no phytotoxicity.

DA-6 can be used on oil crops, food crops, economic crops, vegetables, melons, fruit trees, flowers and edible fungus.

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