What is the Best Way to Record Music Instruments?

With the technology available today, recording high quality audio from musical instruments at home is feasible without investing a fortune. If you own a reasonably powerful microphone, you may have almost everything you need to set up a home recording studio and begin recording musical instruments or anything else that you prefer. All you really need is the right microphone to get started.

Whatever type of music you’re recording, investing in a reliable mic is a good idea. Having a single versatile mic can be useful for capturing all kinds of vocals and acoustic instruments, such as guitars, brass instruments and hand drums. You could also, for example, use it to capture the authentic sound from your guitar amplifier, simply by positioning it in front of the amp and running it to an input on your audio interface.

The two most common types of mic you’ll likely encounter are the condenser and dynamic. Condenser mics are more common in the studio, owing to their generally high-quality audio capture, perfect for recording. Dynamics mics are more common in a live setting as they’re able to accept much higher volumes than condensers without causing feedback. They also don’t need to be powered, unlike condensers.

Searching for a cheap and reliable microphone is fairly difficult because most mics distort the sound in some way by spiking certain frequencies and reducing others. For musical instruments, the goal is to reproduce the sound as accurately as possible.

With a powerful enough microphone, it isn’t necessary to install a full-size soundboard and mixing console. A microphone such as the iSolo by CloudVocal is now able to do what once needed a large volume of hardware and several qualified producers. It is now possible to record sounds that are much more organized, listenable, and marketable using only a microphone.

What is the iSolo?

If you’re searching for a microphone that is able to record high quality audio, while also ignoring unwanted background noises, then the iSolo microphone unit is just the right mic for you. At just 26 grams, iSolo is the world’s smallest wireless microphone, allowing you to comfortably carry it with you anytime, anywhere. Featuring fast transient responses, and unrivaled convenience, the iSolo is the perfect mic for travel or for casual recording. Whether you are a professional musician, a skilled amateur, or just interested in music, iSolo is the most versatile option on the market.

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