What is PTFE molding machine? Describing the PTFE molding process

Features of PTFE molding machine.

1. Teflon automatic molding machine/tetrafluoro molding machine, intelligent operation, 24 hours continuous production can be achieved. 2. Automatic loading, oil temperature, material, real-time monitoring of the operation of each department of the equipment, remote monitoring operation is available, and the mechanical arm yard plate is neatly placed.

3. It can automatically form bar, pipe, shaped parts, equipped with a variety of molds, one machine with multiple molds and multiple parts, the pipe can achieve a wall thickness of 2mm. the height error of the molded parts can be controlled at ±0.02mm. Product introduction. Polytetrafluoroethylene is commonly known as tetrafluoro, Teflon, King Plastic, Teflon, and the molding machine is a special machine for molding polytetrafluoroethylene products. The raw material of PTFE powder is molded, heated and cooled through a series of processing by the equipment to produce molded products conforming to various specifications. Depending on the application, specifications, ingredients, user needs and other related factors, different specifications of the molding machine can be designed and produced. The PTFE products produced are widely used in chemical, aerospace, mechanical equipment, heat exchange and other fields.

The PTFE molding process

The PTFE molding process is the most commonly used method. PTFE molding can be used to process plates, rods, sleeves, tapes, sealing rings, diaphragms, and parts with metal inserts.

The PTFE molding method basically consists of four steps: mixing, preforming, sintering, and cooling. Preforming is the process of adding ptfe powder evenly to the mold and pressing it into a dense preform (i.e., blank) at room temperature; sintering is the process of heating the preform above the melting point and cooling is the process of lowering the sintering temperature to room temperature.

Some PTFE is pressed at once above the melting point temperature, this molding mold, called hot pressing mold, with this corresponding PTFE mold is called cold pressing mold.

When PTFE molding should pay attention to the compression ratio (a Yin PTFE for 4-6) and molding shrinkage (generally PTFE for 2.6-4.5%) on the impact of the product.

The best raw materials with suspension polymerization resin, particle size of 20-500 microns of loose fine powder is best. Pressing process must be “deflated”, pre-forming pressure of 17-35 MPa, holding time according to the thickness of the blank, such as 100 mm thick blank, should hold pressure for 15 minutes.

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