What is HIFU Treatment for the Face?

HIFU is somewhat a new cosmetic innovation, having just been discovered for recently. HIFU as a type of facial treatments relies on the utilization of concentrated ultrasound energy on your face and your neck by the hand-held gadget. It is among the non-intrusive treatments which help to stimulate the body cells, bringing about tissue revival and collagen generation. The general impact of the treatment is to advance the tightening and the lifting of your skin in these regions. 

The HIFU treatment helps in stimulating tissue revival and collagen generation – bringing about the tightening and the lifting of droopy skin – and can likewise be utilized to breakdown the fat deposits. Under the safer hands of a reputable practitioner, this could deliver results similar to facial sculpting (however without the necessity for surgery). 

Would it Be A Good Idea For You To Consider The HIFU Treatments? 

There are various signs for applying HIFU treatments for the face, which incorporate the accompanying… 

• Having Fine lines and also wrinkles.

• Drooping skin in the eyelids and eyelids

• Thin skin and with a rough surface 

• Saggy skin near the mouth region

• Undefined facial structure 

As a skin-reviving method, HIFU can enable ladies to tighten and lift the chin, brow, and neck and enhance wrinkles and lines on their chest. 

The Procedure. 

No unique preparations are necessary before the HIFU consultation and treatments. In the specialist’s office, the doctor takes a patient’s full medicinal history and do careful physical examinations, particularly the face and the neck. Except for analyzed skin disease or an existing skin issue that might need treatment sometime later, the HIFU methodology can be performed following your physician meeting. 

Most of the HIFU follows The Procedure Below:

• Well trained medical nurses will do a complete facial cleansing and preparations for a patient

• The physician applies an ultrasound gel to a patient’s face or neck. 

• A hand-held HIFU gadget is floated over a patient skin. This conveys ultrasound energy in the skin, invigorating the patient’s skin cells to generate collagen and advance tissue recuperating repair, and revival. 

• Relying upon a patient’s skin conditions, the doctor modifies the skins penetration depth setting on the handpiece. Amid the methodology, the patient might feel the warmth under the skin or the slight prickling. For a pain-free procedure, sedation may be done by a certified anesthetist in the center. 

Every HIFU treatment takes about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the seriousness of the skin issue.

After Treatment 

A few patients report mild soreness, that normally resolves itself. With these side effects, the specialist may endorse pain drugs. Various doctors will likewise recommend unique facial creams so as to protect the patient skin from UV ray and other unsafe factors. 

The patients don’t require time following HIFU treatments. They can promptly continue with their everyday exercises. However, they are advised to apply the sun protection cream to safeguard their skin.

By doing so, HIFU treatments can enhance your look so that you appear more youthful.

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