What is an anchoring clamp for ADSS cable?

What is an anchoring clamp for ADSS cable?

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An anchoring clamp for ADSS cable designed to tension all dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable and secure it on the pole, or other overhead line structure. The anchor clamp designed to strain the fiber optic cable in deployment of aerial ODN optical fiber networks.

What is an ADSS fiber clamp used for?

The fiber cable clamp used to secure the ADSS fiber cable at the medium routes of ODN deployment, by attaching the cable to the pole hook, or other aerial fixation point by the stainless steel wire bail movable connection. 

How to choose a fiber cable anchoring clamp?

1. Check the cable specification and its shape.2. View the dimensions of fiber optic cable.3. Check the specification of cable’s mechanical strength performance of working load applied during the deployment and after.4. Pick up the required fiber optic cable using the catalog of Jera line co.ltd factory.5. Point people’s attention on attachment required, whether is aerial pole installation or façade mounting.6. Double check the bracket required to be installed with the fiber clamp.

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Why Use a fiber cable clamp?

To attach the fiber optic cable to the pole or façades with the required tensile strength of cable, the fiber cable clamp should be applied. The clamp provides reliable performance, and rapid application speed because of its one-piece configuration. There is no other way of proper securing the aerial ADSS fiber optic cable with the surface without anchoring clamp.

How to use an anchoring clamp?

1. Tighten the cable using the cable pulley or cable puling sock.2. Use the ratchet tensioning puller to achieve the fiber optic cable rated mechanical tension value for installation.3. Attach the anchor clamp by wire bail to the preinstalled hook, or pole bracket.4. Place the clamp over the tightened cable, and put the cable inside the wedges.5. Gradually loose the force of tightened fiber cable, until the wedges will secure it properly.6. Put off the ratchet tensioning puller and secure the second side of cable by clamp along the overhead fiber cable line.7. Use the pulley to deploy the ADSS cable without bending.

What is an ADSS fiber clamp consists of?

1. Body shell, cone type, made of UV resistant high mechanical properties polymer.2. Self-adjustable wedges, made of UV resistant polymers, of specific size applied with different cable diameters.3. Wire bail made of stainless steel wire, corrosion resistant.4. A thimble, to secure the wire bail without damages after application with the galloping and wind vibration.

What are the different types of anchor clamps?

Anchoring cable clamps designed differently because of variety of fiber cables diameters intended for different aerial application purposes, spans, fiber density. There are 

1. Drop wire clamps for round cables applied up to 30 meters.2. Short span fiber optic clamps for cable line up to 70 meters.3. Medium and long span fiber optic cable clamps, applied on 100 and 200 meter overhead lines.

The anchor clamps are suitable for specific cables, with its dimensions, tensile strength performance.

What is PA-3000 Anchor Clamp?

PA-3000 anchor clamp is wedge type fiber optic cable tension clamp made of polymer by plastic injection molding technology. PA-3000 anchor clamp is a kind of medium and long span cable clamps applied at aerial ODN lines for securing the fiber optic cable at pole attachments. The advantage of fiber cable anchor clamp is high mechanical strengths, high dielectric strength, can prevent electrical shock reaching the customer premises, and wide application range.

What is PA-1500 Anchor Clamp?

Specifically designed anchor clamp to secure the medium and long span cables. The body is made of high strength aluminum alloy. Tool free maintained, durable, and provide high mechanical strength, despite of environmental impact, wind galloping, cable vibrations. The ADSS cable is secured well by the clamp, without any damages.

What clamp is the best for ADSS cables? 

PA-3000 adss clamp

The Anchor clamp PA-3000 is the best for ADSS cables, because of its durability, quick installation speed, price. The cable after attachment with the clamp will be well secured by its own weight, without any other parts required. Stainless steel wire bail, and UV resistant polymer provide excellent life span of the cable and clamp. The extended length of wedges of clamp protects the cable from the damages of its insulation. 

Why Jera-fiber.com is one of the best manufacturers of ADSS anchoring clamp?

Because Jera Line produces the ADSS anchor clamps from 2015 year, and have experience in many international projects. Jera Line production facility contains all equipment necessary for production of anchor clamps. As well as on site laboratory with many intermediate operation testing and final product testing and total quality control. YUYAO JERA LINE CO.,LTD located in China, Ningbo, and can guarantee competitive prices, the price advantage mainly caused by infrastructure and competition of raw materials suppliers.

Who produces anchoring cable clamps in China?

There are not so many reliable manufacturers who produces the anchoring clamps in China. Jera Line is one of the few direct factories which specialize in production of fiber optic anchor clamp, and offers product guarantee. We also produce the related to aerial fiber optics products. Such as ADSS fiber optic cables, fiber optic access boxes. Jera Line is expert in production of cable clamps in China. 

What is an Anchoring Clamp for ADSS Cable?

Anchoring clamps for ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cables used for installation of ADSS cables on poles or towers. Clamps anchor and secure the cable to the structure while deployment of Aerial ODN with absence of damaging the cable during the installation. The ADSS cable anchor clamp is an essential tool in the installation of ADSS cables. Its design and material ensure durability and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for people’s ADSS cable installation needs.


We hope people enjoyed guide to anchoring clamp. We are direct factory and will be happy to answer on any commercial inquires related to the product range. Feel free to send us an email or call, and JEEA of professionals will assist them.

Understanding the Importance of Anchor Clamps in Fiber Optic Cables

In the world of telecommunications, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless connection. Companies like Jera Line, Telenco and CommScope are renowned for their high-quality anchor clamps. Telenco, for instance, offers a diversified range of solutions for ADSS cables. Their anchor clamps are compatible with different network configurations and are designed for toolless installation. CommScope, on the other hand, provides a variety of fiber cable clamps, including the NG4 Cable clamp for cables with a diameter range of 10 mm (0.4”) to 30 mm (1.2”).

Remember, a well-structured network begins with quality components. Anchor clamps are just one piece of the puzzle, but they’re a piece that holds everything together. Stay connected, stay informed, and keep exploring the fascinating world of fiber optics with Jera Line!

Anchor clamps are not just about securing cables; they’re about ensuring the longevity and efficiency of their fiber optic network. So, the next time people think about their network’s performance, remember the humble anchor clamp and the significant role it plays.

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