What is a butterfly scalp vein set and What are the Components of a scalp vein set

Scalp vein sets or butterfly needles, also known as a winged infusion set. It is a sterile, disposable medical device used for drawing blood from a vein and giving medication or intravenous therapy into a vein.

Generally, butterfly needle gauges are available in 18-27 gauge bore, 21G and 23G being the most popular.

Scalp Vein Set Grey Brown Orange Violet Blue Black Green Yellow Beige
Size 27G 26G 25G 24G 23G 22G 21G 20G 19G

Components of a scalp vein set:

  • a protective sheath of the needle
  • a short hypodermic needle with bevel
  • a plastic hub consisting of one or two soft wings
  • a transparent flexible PVC tube
  • a female Luer Lock fitting that can be blocked by a luer cap or by a multi-activated valve needle free connector.

Application of butterfly scalp vein set

Scalp Vein Sets are normally used in the following cases :Repeated short-term injection and/or injection of small volume of drugs or blood derivatives.

Features and advantages of butterfly scalp vein set

Flexible tubing provide scalp vein set can reach more body surface and tolerate more patient movement than a straight, simple needle.

Small size and shallow-angle design which enable precise placement. It is able to access very superficial veins or poorly accessible veins such as hand, foot, wrist, and scalp veins. This also makes the butterfly needle less painful and more suitable.

It can reduce rates of blood breaking down when drawing blood, compared with using an IV catheter.

Reduces the likelihood of a patient experiencing profuse bleeding, a vein collapse, or nerve injury after a blood draw.

Thin wall needle provides a better flow rate per gauge because more circumference is available for better fluid flow.

High-grade stainless steel and a triple bevel edge needle guarantees the needle’s atraumatic and painless insertion.

Butterfly-shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with the skin.

Benefits of Using Scalp Vein Set

Inserting an IV line into the peripheral vein of a child or infant is very challenging and risky. This is because this age group has peripheral veins that are narrower, have more subcutaneous fat, and their veins easily constricted. They are restless and very uncooperative during the procedure. The scalp veins provide a secondary option for peripheral intravascular access in small children and infants because it has minimal subcutaneous fat, making it easier to see the veins. The head can be readily controlled, thus reducing the infant or child’s unnecessary movements and the absence of a flexible joint; these factors reduce the likelihood of catheter dislodgment, common with IV catheters placed in the arms or legs. In this instance, the scalp vein set is the most appropriate and safest device to use.


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